Request for Travel Board Assistance

I will be taking,to Australia, the original famous magic Travel Board created by Ambrose for the first annual Swaylock get together…The board is in need of a travel bag to insure its safe travels. I think the board is 7-2.

Herb Spitzer has the board and I will pick it up from him end o Jan. If you have a bag you would like to donate…getting it to Herb would be a great help.

I am flying into Sydney and promptly on up to Gold Coast…so could do a quick hand off at the Sydney airport or brng on to the Goldy for a handoff between Lennox and Noosa.


ummm. I’d be stoked to facilitate a hand-off right here…or could drive up the Goldy…

would love to take her for a paso doble.


Did you not get my message ?

I don’t think it’s over 7…might be wrong…if I am …I have other bags.

BUT…Don’t let that stop anyone from becoming a part of history…

Kinda of a band apart.


Yes Herb, I got your message…but was thinkin that maybe we could give an opportunity for some of the commercial posters that might want to give back. Nuff said for now.



I have missed something somewhere - I gather this is a well travelled and shared board that you are bringing to Australia. What is the plan and time frame for your trip?




All you vendors out there…




Herb…heard anything?

Anybody flyin from here to there

I have the bag laying about in my studio

thats a double big pad


otherwise rodger san I can mail it to?..


are we gonna start a new book?

is the first volume full-finished/

are there pages left ???

Definitely needs a southern hemi chapter.

For the benefit of the late-coming could you post a pic of the board.

Cheer, Steve

in the archives

pictures posted in 2004

i’m a picture kook.


prolly search travl board an they’ll come up.

Senor Ambrose,

Over on Oahu for a week or so…where the north winds blow making for a nice little go out at Haubush! If anybody is coming over to see Mike(Kokua)…perhaps they could bring it along. Is the bag you have properly sized for the board within a reasonable amt? The board is 7-2…is that correct?

Lennox Steve…you are up for the board…I will come down there from Kirra straight away as I am hoping I can use the board I left with Peter Green.

Rogelio(the Nimbin Kid)

Pm me your phone #

I may have it but I don know where

an I can ups /air freight it to ya…


East Coast USA calls “next!” after the land of OZ… Muddys 1st…

i raised my hand…

Need to incoporate the journals in the sways book, or make an exclusive book at the end its journey back to ambroses pad or at the movie premiere.

Sh*t or get off the pot.

Give me a time and a place, If I can I will be there for a cold brew and a yarn.I reacon between we could organise an impromptu sways gathering some where in northern nsw or sothern queensland . I’m in . 0400 797075 is my contact

it has been said before…

dr watson.lennox,pandanus et al
whomsoever may wish to be concerned…

the game is afoot…

prone man is to touch down is the southern continent
perhaps on the 2 of february,
leaving the stunted side of the dateline on the 31st
to arrive in australia in due course
loosing a day to the cosmic confrontation
of physix
matha matix.
all respondents please speak up!
so to say by pming prone man so we get hooked up
using the term figurativly as communication is likely
to be accross the blue flames of the campfire herin.

bringing to mind the heron looking down
to grasp its next careless reptile
be it frog or lizard to warm
in the dig tract of the luminus bird.

thanks to roger proneman kelly and herb spitzer
for their help transporting and caring for this
concept board from the S.A. gatherings of 2003 and 2004…

aloha from waipouli

Got to the Gold Coast in time to watch second half of Super Bowl. There is pretty good waves from Kirra…up to Snapper. Overhead on the bigger ones. Going to Lennox this AM(tuesday here)…to pick up one and drop off Travel Board to Lennox76(Steve)…Gotta local cell phone #0466 603 372…still trying to find Lennox # in the new Sway confusion…Steve…call me!!


Pass…here I come!