Reshaping a onetime longboard

I have in my possesion, a board that used to be nine feet long. This board fell off someone’s car, when it was practicaly new. The last two feet of the board were complitely destroyed, with one fin box missing and another holding a ground down two inches of what was at one point fin. The entire board (minus those two feet)is in almost perfect condition. So I cut the board down to about 5’10 and used some measurements off this site as an aproximate guide to draw an outline of board I want to end up with, leaving much of the original shape the same. While I know it probably sounds as if I should have peeled all the glass off and re shaped it, I past the point of no return and am considering renting a grinder and grinding off the glass on the tail, taking off a little volume, and reshaping parts of the rails. I was just wondering if any of you had any suggestions for me to avoid some pain in the process.What would be the best way to take off the glass around the outline, a jigsaw with a super heavy duty blade, a grinder? Or should I just forget about the outline and grind the glass first and worry about the outline later? I know this is kind of a weird question, so thanks in advance for the help. Soren

Here’s my advice. Don’t do it at all. It won’t work. Sorry if that sounds harsh but you’re 99% likely to just make a mess and waste your time. I tried something vaguely similar in the distant past…

I’ve got a 6’3" chunk of my former 10’ board (as well as the other chunk), and if I don’t put it back together I’m going to cut it down into something…maybe a 6’ round nose single. The chunk is 3" thick, so I should be able to keep it pretty thick… It may make a mess, but it’s going in the trash if it doesn’t…

as long as you strip the old glass off and reshape the foam, you’ll be fine. (Look in the archives, there are boards there made that way). Just don’t try to save the old glass… that’s what I was trying to get across.

OK, misread the previous post then. No worries.

whats your time worth???so much work before you even get to clean foam…is the rocker gonna suit???why not just go buy a blank in good form with curve you want and a few cuts off each side …unless your penniless without a job and have the time and no money sure have a play… regards BERT

or unless you feel bad about chucking a hunk of manmade materials into a landfill when it can be recycled into a kids board, a fish, kneelo… in WWII they had a saying, “use it up, wear it out, make it do” – still applies if you want it to.

I’ve had success with leaving old glass and feathering it , reshaping rails, noses, and tails. And, then glassing. A gentle touch with a high speed grinder to start, and then sander, can do the job.

Thanks for the advice, for the record I am in highschool and pretty broke. So I’m totaly happy with trying to recycle this board. Also I have a week of vacation coming up so I’m not so worried about the time involved.

Do it man. go really easy on the grinder though… as you break through the glass, it’ll take off into the foam. big trouble. I’ve had my experirnce grinding foam… I’m young and broke just like you. goood luck

I’m paying for a mortgage and just bought an engagement ring, so a busted board right now looks like an opportunity for a little creativity…