Resin Foam Stain PU / Pressure Dents / Weight

I read a comment on a foam stain thread where a guy used resin to foam stain on a PU blank and he thinks it helped against pressure dents.  Can anyone else confirm or deny this?

Also, I have read conflicting accounts that sealing PU with resin results in more weight.  Where others say sealing the blank with resin results in less weight as the lam resin does not soak in.

 I am hoping to make this board on the lighter side so if there is a benefit from the resin foam stain against dents, and it can serve to make the board lighter, sounds like a good option.   Blank is a US Blanks red, and I will be using epoxy.  Single color tint on the bottom, deck cutlap with foam stain inlay, clear deck lam.  Thank you…



…you know, it s a compromise; so if you want light you ll have dents.

Then, US blanks as like many said here are not the lightest foam; Arctic is heavy in all the lighter densities and bland.

Aussie foam are way lighter and stronger.

Use a close tolerance blank with the thickness very similar to the final shape; at final stage sand it fine so less resin would be used.

The weight is not in the sealing is in the blank, then how many layers of fiberglass and if it s painted or a clear board.

All that resin is too much resin in my book; like these longboards; with all the work in the hot coat; dead weight man; useless weight for a HPSB.