Resin for wood boards

I’m getting ready to start on a wooden surfboard project and I’m researching resins and glue additives. I’d like to use the same resin for finishing the board (won’t be glassed) and glueing the wood. I was wondering if someone could recommend some possible solutions. I’m looking for something economical that is resistant to yellowing. A couple of options I’m aware of are West Systems and Interlux Epiglass, but I’m not sure if those would be appropriate or if there is something available that’s better. I need the resin and the additive.

Has anyone used any of those products above, or do you have a recommendation? A good place to shop for that stuff would be helpful as well.


I’ve had nice results with the Tap Plastics epoxies. I havent’ done a whole wood board, but the stuff works well over nose & tail blocks, plywood fins, ding repairs, etc. Dries much faster and sands much easier than the West Sys. The WS also yellowed really badly when I did some ding repairs with it several years ago.

I use the medium hardener, which is supposed to be the clearest & most flexible when fixed. They ship everything UPS.

I have also heard all the good buzz about the Resin Research epoxies which are surfboard-specific. I have not used it myself. May well be better than the Tap stuff. Prices are comparable to a few $$. Also ships UPS. You can find Greg Loehr’s phone # if you search this bb - and support a Swaylocker. I only go to Tap because there’s one near my house and I don’t have to have it shipped.

Thanks Benny. I’ll check into Resin Research. I had assumed that their product was only useful in the glassing of a foam board, not for an adhesive for wood and clear coating.