Resin storage temperature


All just after a bit of advice, winter is setting in in the UK and i am a bit concerned about storing my resin/catalyst/styrne. It is a silmar equivalent from seabase in the uk (polyester)   

 I shape in an outside shed that i built myself and i am deffinately not a builder, it has electric heaters so whilst not perfect i can glass in ok but it gets freezing at night -4 ish. I have a toddler running around the house so cant store it inside and i am concered it will go off.  Does anyone know if it will last in these temperatures? or any storage tips?

Thanks for all your help and inspiration.     

Hi bside,

            I use this resin frequently, and have never had any troubles with it in cold weather. Just make sure you bring it up to room temperature before your ready to use it and keep it there. Also make sure to stir it thoroughly before dispensing just in case there is any separation. If in any doubt, do a test piece on some scrap foam.


Hope this helps.



i was told resin can go off within days of opening it. how do yous store your resin? ill be getting some contractable containers which will keep the resin from contact with air and hopefully make it last.

   Howzit don,Who ever told you that must have opened the container and left it open in the sun because it takes more than a few days for resin to go bad unless it was already bad when they bought it. Fresh resin has a pretty good shelf life to it. Aloha,Kokua