resin swirl on the foam itself...

those look awesome!

ill see what i can do about a video…if i can make one, itll be pretty short, but well see!

With this technique of applying so much paint to the foam is crystalization an issue like it is with airbrushing acrylics onto the foam. It makes me wonder about delamination.


well, yes.

the board that i painted after i made this thread is currently delaming in a few spots, but only on the painted areas…i squeegeed off all the extra paint, but i guess i didnt get enough off…so be careful!


We have airbrushed the blank and then did a resin swirl over top. example:

We have also had boards where we did not like how the tint came out so we added another 4oz layer and did a resin swirl on top of that.

We have also used a swirl of hotcoat to cover large repairs.

I wouldn’t suggest trying to cover something with a tint because when you sand/ or even polishing your are going to get areas of different color values. aka-looks like crap.


Troy (Austin’s Dad and Part Time Shop Slave)

thanks for that Troy !

And , Ben [Shipman]…those colours of yours on the foam …NICE job !!

…They sure look vivid enough to me !! [Got any photos of the finished, glassed boards please ? …I just want to see if any of that ‘brightness’ was lost when they were glassed , is all . I imagine not , though. ]

If you use paint on the foam , does that fade more than pigment or tint over time …anyone experienced this ?

thanks !