resin swirl over hotcoat or sanded finish.

I just picked up a 10’ becker ufo. It’s solid white except for these ugly block letters done with a paint pen. The board is in great shape so I figured i’ll have some fun with it. Is there any way of after removing those letters applying a resin swirl or acid splash job on the hotcoat or sanded finish itself. I was going to try something like the board in the picture red, yellow, and green is it possible? What can I use

It is possible but not the easiest thing to try out, as the resin wont beable to be absorded by the foam, so the colours will muddy easier and there’s a chance you’ll sand through the colour when it comes time to smooth things out.

Austin and Saunders are masters at resin swirls, getting one that good would be a real achievment even if you were doing it normally.

If you want to give it a go the first thin to do is remove the wax and sant doan the hot coat in the area you want to colour, sant to the weave but go no further. then tape up mix up some resin and go finger painting or splash it about. Squeegy or brush out only once any more and the colours will mudy up. doing the swirl on a layer of 1oz glass will help.

would be easier to use opaque pigments than tints, stick to only 2 colours, red/yellow would work.

A cool Mr. Cleanline trick:

Clean the area you want to spiff up, sand it to 320 grit to get off any boogers. Go to Kragen auto and get some auto spray touch up laquer paints, at least 3 colors. And get some spray auto clear coat too.

tape off the rea you want to spiff up…spray the colors in random, overlaying blends, not too thick, not too thin…just right. Now take some laquer thinner on a paint brush and shake it out on the painted surface so it dilutes the paint and does a groovy belnd / paint melt / swirl/ marbalized thing.

Pull tape, do some pinlines with black auto laquer, and cover the whole thing with the spray clear coat. Done, and looking custom.

You’ll never get a good looking resin swirl doing it over the hot coat…it needs to be on the foam, or else you need to paint it on.

-Good luck

VIVA Mr Clean!!

I have been doing that lacquer swirl thing on glass and its unreal.I started with an old cheap glass top coffee table and did the paint on the underside of the glass.I looks great and you can score use glass top furniture for nothing.You can also do it with resin but its tricky.Nice to see everyone is OK.I lurk on SWaylocks a lot to see whats happening.Me and some other old farts are going to Waikiki for a week or so in September.Would like to meet some bro’s. RB


What are the dates of your trip?

WE are going sometime in September.Its a gift from a young rich 50 year old Grom.I guess we are going to rent a condo or something and hang around for 10 days or so.I learned how to surf at Barbers point and Number 3’s and went to Radford High.It should be fun.The only thing bad is that I used to hate Fat old Kooks floundering around in the lineup and now I AM ONE. RB


So good to see you back in the lineup here. I still study your glassing video. And lament that you didn’t cover some similar epoxy tips.

All the best to ya.

RB- good to know you are still kicking around here! You gotta be stoked to be visiting the islands. Hope all is well with you.

Tom S.

Howzit Mr.Clean, Are you still coming to Kauai? If so let me know what your trunks size is and I will score you some Hanalei surf trunks from my friend who owns the company.Aloha,Kokua

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do you have any pics?

I don’t have any pics but I think I showed how to do it in the Video.Maybe you can find a copy.Hey Kokua I don’t know if we are going to Kauaii or not.This is less of a surf trip and more of a layed back vacation.Fat Haole tourists on the beach at Kuhio.I may even wear some old bermuda shorts,black socks, and loafers. RB