Resin Tint Bleeding Question

I’ve been using the Blue 3M tape to mark off my lap lines. Lately when I do my cut lams after I cut the edge and pull the tape I’ve been getting about 1/8 to 1/4 inch bleeding into the foam? What am i doing wrong? i start with a super clean blank, I lay the tape down, I scribe the tape with my rail tool, I cut the tape to the rail profile as scribed with blade, I burnish the tape to the blank, and I lam. It seems resin swirls are worse that straight colors? Any Ideas?? Jay

I use the green 3m. Try that.

Its best to use 3m 233 tape…comes in green and the old tan.It has a higher tack range.The blue tape you are using doesn’t stick as well.These tapes are automotive products you have to get them from auto paint supply shops or from surfboard material outfits.3M is a big company and a lot of these tapes look similiar but they are not.As for bleeding it is all part of the game and is to be expected.Thats what pinlines are used for.Good luck my friend. R. Brucker

Thanks guys, I always try to use good tape, I found out the hard way with the 99 cent stuff. Big pile on the floor and stlagmites on the hot coat. I use the blue for almost everything, Paint, Hot Coat. Usually I just grab a roll and start working, some cut lams were better than others. Looking back the good ones must have been with the 233. I’ll start using more 233 for the cut lams. Thanks, Jay

I use professional Duck tape. its actually scotch tape with a duck on it. from walmart like 1.50 a roll and it always works for me.