Resin tint

Hi guys sorry to ask this its probly in the archives somewhere.

if some one can point me to it that would be great .

Q) what time during the glassing process do you do resin tinting.(lam/filler/gloss

Q) how do i get it to come out like sunglass tint (not the tyedied look)

I want to get the resin to look clear but with a smooth green tint to it .

can this be done with resin tinting or is the tint more for solid/resin swirls.

any help would be great.

ps: if anyone needs a good printer for logos that can print any color even metalic.

please email me for details.



Pigments go into the lam resin.

2 kinds of Pigments: Opaques and Tints.

Tints make the resin translucent in color (still see the stringer)

Opaques make the resin a solid color (can’t or barely see the stringer)

For your board: Green Tint. A 1 ounce jar will make a deep green for one batch of resin. You can put as little as a few drops for a “sea foam” tint.

Archives have all of this info and more.

Good Luck.

The classic ‘Coke bottle’ green you sometimes see (especially on classic logs) is from a chromium coating on the thicker glass cloths. It keeps the weave from coming apart. Its very visible in 10 oz E cloth (“volan”) and also can be seen in 8 oz E. Its not a tint in the resin. It shows up whether you use poly or epoxy.

If you’re new to glassing I would recommend buying the Master Glasser dvd. Its a little pricey, but I found loads of tips.