Peace on earth. Happy new year.

surf more talk less be more love more

smoke less surf more thrusters eat meat

only ride pop out standard stand up surfboard moo with the masses get money hungry sell out

exclusively shape for surftech

mass produce

get tight lipped get selfish make crappy boards

put on lots of weight smile less surf harder make fewer friends


own only malibu, waikiki and pleasure point stop workingout

more is less,sideways is straight ahead,love to hate ,kill for christ

and the world continues to spin…may the great dog sselb uoy hitw eth aipocinroc fo lanosrep stseb dan esrever sthgisni ot laever hguorht msacras ruoy rehgih renni fles…esorbma…no naol morf sram eht tenalp fo eurt ecaep

Hang heels my brother. Is that waves or money?

Go vegetarian (again, and again), stop buying boards (no, scratch that), stop telling wife about new boards, learn to shape (eventually), learn to glass (cause I really suck at it), recycle better, solve the urban runoff problem, and force the YOUNG turds at Swamis and grumpy old walruses at Cardiff in the lineup to smile and be civil, and continue to resent rich, arogant parents of my wonderful and humble, yet-to-be-jaded-and-bitter students. But I got tubed on New Year’s day, Ponto–low tide. It wasn’t clean, but it was deep, I got out, and kicked out just as it closed out. Nice! Good omen?

…not to think bad thoughts about what to do with the wannabe gangies in the hood.Herb

I am going to design a respirator with a hole in it so I can smoke Marlboros while glassing.

Try and get Cleanlines to stop smoking.

Cleanlines, That goes in the classic file! I just blew coffee out my nose. -Jay

Cleanlines, Great idea - I don’t even smoke but feel you’re on to something. How bout rolling our own with foam or balsa dust?

Just peace, not cow brains , not monkeys with old hats, not wicker toilet seats bein’ wrapped as gift on holiday, not plastic board vs. the other plastic board on barreling line long er short, not dumfuck response on cyber air laid out like bad dim-sum, not gumbamakeyouanofferyoucantrefues , not Gaza or Gettysberg, not a lone wolf runnin’ in pack by himself with others of his kind, not ensiphalopathy of shark brains bite with no distinction fer longboard,surfmatt,or retrofishtrifinned with chargers, not to be like sanguinary Charlie Brown, not Western imperialism vs. Yellow peril in race to make my next sharpened tool to scrape chunk o’ white Pacific foam white water or grubby’s material, not so fast there buckarue it is a knew kyear! not “an epidmic insanity”, not “brain-splattering, windpipeslitting art”, not “the trade of kings”, not some Swaylock regular running down the beach with rubber glove as hat,french tickler in one hand and spachula in other singin’ the Tibetan version of the Canadian national anthem, not so much as a winged migration to some far off place to find space to surf, to come back into race, not give even a GPS mark of where it was, fess up, Fess Parker, not to lock horns with rack for surfboards owned by fellow wave rider of foreign county. Virtue or “victoriuos resistance to one’s vital desire to do this, that and the other” [James Branch Cabell] So, fer Pete’s sake and fer all of you out there at the bar Swalock’s it is a new year . Thanks gentelmen fer yer attention Slim Railpickens