Retro Tint Color

Hi all,

On my 4th board now and thanks to you guys, all is well. I’m looking to throw a tint on this longboard I’m finishing up now and wanted to know what the name of this particular tint. The color is a very light seagreen color, most often seen on old vintage boards. Do they still make that tint, and if so any ideas where I can pick it up.



Heritage Surfboards

This kind of colour?

No, it’s not really that color. It’s more opaque. I can tell that board was painted. This is a tint.


Ok, so being the inpatient person I am I didnt research enough and found out some more info. The color I want is the same as the Volan color, but without using Volan cloth. Is this possible? Maybe just a drop or two of green?


Yes, I think I remember Doc (or was it John Mellor?) giving this advice to make a non-volan glassed board look like it. Didn’t try it yet.


Believe you are looking for the “coke bottle” green tint. Try using a little blue tint base with a tad of yellow. Play with those and test a patch before doing the whole board.

Tom S.

Ah yes, the elusive “Sea Foam Green”…

Howzit John, Yes sea foam green is an elusive color. Some people like it with some blue in it and others don’t. When ever I do on I ask the customer just what their idea of the color is. I also keep some of those color swatches that they have at paint stores so the customer can see different shades and hues of it. Aloha,Kokua

If you check the Bruce Jones website he has some mals with a really nice coke-bottle tint like you’re talking about, they’re glassed with Volan but it’s too deep a color to be just the cloth. I believe that they call it a two-drop tint, as in two drops of colored resin mixed into your lam batch. I’ve been thinking of doing a two-drop yellow deck and blue bottom, maybe it would make a nice green patch on the laps, it’s worth a shot anyway!

Howzit trim, Only 2 drops of tint, not sure it will even show up in the lamination since you will be adding it to a larger amount of resin.Maybe 2 drops of opaque pigment would work better. I just did a resin stain which I used thinned out yellow opaque because the customer didn’t like the orangish hue in yellow tint.Aloha,Kokua