Returns policy

What kind of returns policy do you guys have?

in what situation would you make the customer a new board?

what would negate a part payment or refund?

In the last 7 years of making boards as my main job I have only had the return question come up twice. Maybe I’ve been lucky! The first time this came up was when I made a board for a guy that was ordered for him by his friend. I was told he was a beginner/intermediate surfer and I made a board based on this information. Turns out the guy is a really good surfer and needed more of a performance board. I took the old board back and made him a new one that he liked. I sold the other board used. The other “return” was totally my fault. I did a blue and yellow acid splash on a board that was supposed to be red and yellow! I let the customer surf the “wrong” board until I could make her the “right” one. I let her surf both and choose the one she liked best and return the other. I feel that with all the imported competition out there making the customer happy is part of the difference I offer. I do realize that there are people out there who just can not be happy regardless how hard I try. I do feel its just a matter of time before I run into one! Some people need to realize the ability of the surfer may be the problem! Till then I will continue to do what I feel is the correct and fair thing to do even if it means taking a return.

Tuna, you did well.

It has come up once with me so far. I was to make a longboard using a particular customer chosen red paint. I sprayed the blank and laminated. One day left it in the sun a couple hours, with something laying across the board. Came back, the sun-exposd part was a different color that the shaded part. I discovered I’d made a chameleon board… but it looked crap. Surprisingly, the shaded portion later changed back to match color!

I gave the guy back his money, minus a nominal $20 for effort, and later sold the board, more or less at cost, to a girl who didn’t care about color, through a second party.

The customer from hell is always out there, standing in line. When your time is up, you’ll deal with him. I tried to get through it gracefully, learn something, and leave everyone more or less satisfied, though not necessarily happy.

Depends on the customer.

If there was a manufacturing or materials fault no problem new board straight up.

For a lot of customers I have given them the option of if you hate it bring it back and I’ll build you a new one. This only extends to someone that I have designed the board for specifically. If they give me the dimensions and insist on what they want and they hate it then thats just bad luck. Believe it or not, from memory I have only had 2 people take me up on the offer in 10 years.

If the board is damaged badly in the first surf due to stupidity or heavy waves etc. I may fix it for nothing.

I was once told one in ten customers are chronic complainers, no matter what you do they wont be happy.

One customer I had I built him a fish style board colours gloss coat 6 + 4 deck. Rang me and said the deck was “literally caving in under his feet”. I told him to bring it back and we’ll see what we can do. Four small heel dents just barely visible under the front foot after 4 surfs.Told him that’s what happens if you jump up and down on it. Thought he wouldn’t be back but over the years he has ordered quite a few boards from me. All from his dimensions and specifications. some people just like to complain.

I think you can pick the people that you would do returns for.

Word of mouth is the one form of marketting that we have no control over.

Sorry for the rant.


This thread brings to mind memories of the “unsurfable surfboard” fiasco from a while back.

Lets just hope it’s not so bad for you.

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