revolution nugget(piglet) thruster by steve f.

anybody have one of these...

i have a chance to get one..

how  do they ride?

good for florida?

calling mike daniels...




If it is sized appropriately, I'd bet you will enjoy it. Steve is an excellent shaper. (full disclosure; he shapes right down the street from me and I've known him forever. I might be a little biased)




it's a 6.8 x 22 1/2 x 3 1/4


looks good to me..

i have a  dane perlee spud 7.0 x 22 x 2 7/8..that floats me and rides well


very versatile.

loving mine.




thanx.yeah i'm hearing very good things..

jim dunlop..makes them up here..says go for it..

(side note;i can't wait to post the 7.2 eps thruster jim made me..almost finished..)

so i am going to trade my 6.6 moontail for his 6.8 nugget.


i gotta get wet..later



We could use a Photo of that nugget


ain't she pretty?

want to try !

sure..if you ever in jax beach area..hit me up

Nice looking ride. Thanks for the photos. I just might have to talk to Steve F about a Board.

That one was a copy of the one I ride. Stall did a good job as usual.  That one is probably the one shape of that style I have sold the most of. Works good in 6'8'' also.  



[img_assist|nid=1055703|title=Stall Revo Piglet 6'8''|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=480]

I have one and it is in fact the best board I've own in 13years of surfing.

Still intermediate as I don't have enough water time living in Canada. Still I didn't hesitate as I tried various design and big guy thruster didn't quite do it for me. I found that backhand surfing is unreal and progressed more that any other boards. It is in fact super loose but soo stable at takeoff it brings a smile everytime I surf. I weight 195lbs, about 6'.

A more experience surfer will most likely destroy anything is he's path and just fall in love in surfing again.


Take care




i finally got it yesterday....but had to wait for today's waves..

WOW!...this board is all that it is advertised ...

fast ..skatey turns, makes late drops, and held in the pocket well...

and inspite of the girth(maybe mine helped the cause)duck dived easily

lotta fun on it at the pier...i wanna go out again!

my wife has finally figured out that when they're are waves here..i gotta go...

cause the past few weeks have been...a little ahhh .."not"

and yes..she is really doing  better( thank-you to who have been PMing me)

footnote: i traded boards with a friend down south..and we used amtrak...

with very good results..

I'm bumping this thread so shopaholic can get a better idea of the wide tail design to which I referred.

Hello John,
Sorry it took me awile as I’m navigating on my lame o blackberry.
Cool board man! Never seen one till now. Anyhow, its cool to see ‘other options’ popping up!

Mike, Dansan, Solo, or ??? -

The tail width (shown in close up pic as 18 1/4") seems unusually wide.  I'm sure that keeps it feeling lively.  I've suggested to another surfer shaper (shapaholic) that he consider going wide in the tail and used this board as an example.  If standard tail width is 14" +/-, 18"+ seems like taking it to a whole new level.

How large of a wave can you reasonably expect to ride one of these boards and maintain control?   I mean a normal kind of mainland US (East or West coast) wave... not a pitched out square tube or anything like that.

Would shaping something that wide as a twin pin (fishy) or twin square (like one of Daniel Thomson's Raptors) increase the range?

What would be your thoughts on tri vs quad on that sort of design?

Thanks in advance!

Couple 18" wide tail Forstalls

Hi John, I think some of the riders will tell you these boards have reasonable range. It makes sense (to me) that bigger guys like them, as the wide tail gives them a bit of ''support'' back there. The tradeoff is that they're not going to be as quick rail-to-rail, and you need strong legs or a lot of body mass to sink the tail for real turns.

I think the curve in the tail outline is important to free it up, super-wide and super-straight (like a fishy) in a 6'8'' would be super-stiff.