Rhino Chaser Identification?

I just picked this up from a garage sale and I suspect its an early 70s or late sixties. It’s 8’ 4"

Its got a redwood fin, the glass looks like volan (kinda loose weave) no leash attachment, no insignia or shapers markings of any kind. Its fairly heavy - 12-15 lbs or so.

Thanks for any insight you might have!

Photo please…

I just placed three photos into the photo resources in the 8 to 8’ 11" category. I can to seem to get them to show in the forum - but it may take some time for the photos to be validated (or Im not posting them right.

They are listed under “1965- 19 Unknown 8’4” Unknown"

I was tryiing to put 1965-1975 but… oh well.

Heres some measurements and a better description:

Rhino Chaser

8’ 4", 3 1/4" thick

Weight: 14 lbs


Nose: 12 3/4"

Mid: 21"

Tail: 10 3/8"

Wide point 11 - 12" ahead of midpoint


Nose: 5"

Tail: 1 3/8"


Nose - thin 50/50, classic down beak

Mid - round down

Tail - thin round down


Nose: soft shallow vee

Mid: soft belly 1/4" deep

Tail: flat panel vee


6 or 8 ounce loose weave bidirectional, transulecent white pigment - stringer visible

Cut lap layup, glass weave layed very straight

Gloss coat

Black resin pin line under gloss

No leash attachment


Redwood glass on, some air visible in roving, nice layup,

 5 1/2" from tail, 1/4" of clear glass visible around entire fin, 7/8" thick at thickest

Depth: 9"

Base: 6 1/2"

Now that I’ve had this a few days I know a bit more about it. The previous owner got it over 10 years ago as a kid living in Florida. His dad gave it to him, and he tried to use it once - unsucessfully (small surf, small kid, big unturnable gun)

It has about 5 small spiders on it, and the very tip of the nose and tail is chipped (gloss gone but lam undamaged). One crack on a rail and long spiders have resulted from the board being dropped on a hard surface. Interestingly there are three large grains of pink coral sand jammed into the glass where it hit. All the damage has now been fixed.

By the condition of the board I would be willing to bet that the board was only put in the water once. A quick rubout with a clean cloth is all it took to make the gloss show polish again.

Caaan’t wait for trolley cars to break next winter. I’ll be the guy doing the BK impersonation. And probably swimming a few times.