Rhino gives a go at foam

…yes I did refer to myself in the third person, and yes I did have a lot of help…



More pics!




nice color combo

is the fabric the kind of Indo pareos types?

thank you

fabric inlay is a vintage 70’s cotton bandana.

pinlines are resin.

that is nice!!!

Sweeet! That’s probably the coolest board I’ve seen in a while, awesome job. Cool pic too, it looks like those old cameras they used to use in the old days, when you had to use that “film” stuff or whatever it was called… :wink:

way groovy man. That bandana reminds me of going to see the Allman Brothers or the Dead…when my hair was as long as yours… aaahh flashback!!!

whew, I’m ok now.

Nice board! single fin one would presume?

Nice board Rhino!

You didn’t lose that middle digit while making it did you?

Howz it surf?

Creative use of the Bandana. You may be starting a new fashion trend among Swaylockians. I really like the looks of it.

jeez Rhino, that thing looks SWEET!

love the bandana idea.

nice execution

love the colors… what’s the construction?

Whats the beautiful boat on your Avatar??