Rice edge showing

Saw in one of the earlier posts where someone said some of the rice paper lams will show the edge over sprays. I had that problem recently over a spray. It was only noticeable on the bottom where the paper was directly on the foam/spray. On the deck where it was sammitched between the cloth it was invisible. Whats up with that??? what is the cure??? Dr Kokua??? anyone else have this problem and the cure?


Howzit Krokus, I had glassers tell me they were having that problem with some of the lams I print, but I wasn't having the problem. I told them to use more resin underneath the lam so the foam couldn't soak the resin out of the paper. Musta worked (does for me) for them since nobodies whining about it any more. But I must say I've seen it happen to professional screened lams also, especially on dark painted boards Aloha, Kokua

Thanks Kokua, I figured that was probably the problem. I really laid a heavy hand squeegeeing that board to get the cloth tight and light. I musta pulled too much resin from the logo area. Putting check in the mail for the disk today.


I have noticed on my lams that if they are going over ceratin darker pigments (especially on a red) that if I look close enough I can see the rice paper edge. on the lighter colors it works like a champ. I am just using off the shelf rice paper from an art supply store. Thought about trying another brand. What I have been using is Loew Cornell Oriental Rice Paper. I saturate it pretty good when I lay it up so I do not think not enough resin is the problem. What brands of paper has worked for you guys?

neatly trim the rice paper as close as possible to the design making totally uniform margins for a clean barely-visable professional machine-made look. , or cut a wild shape totally differnet than the graphic itself to acheive the subliminal satisfaction of virtually invisable free-form funkafied filth. if black on black wetsuits cost more, then invisable graphics on surfboards are worth more too. maybe have the first grade class cut out snowflakes of rice paper… i can see it now, the year 2050… “yup its a genuine ambrose, must be worth 25 large, see its even got the watermark.”

ah youve got it ambrose, i have painted logos on top of the protec in clear so they are invisible in most lights till you get a nice side light. did them stencil kinda art too but didnt seem to be worth the effort at its not seen enough

Howzit Krokus, I don’t squegee the lams until i’m actually laying up the board . That way the lam paper has time to absorb the resin. I just use a brush to apply the resin under and on top of the lam, then unroll the glass back over the lam and start laying up the board. Aloha, Kokua