RIP Bosch 1594k

She was a good tool. The first planer ive ever owned. She will be missed.  


I was shaping my friends board, heard a whirring and  felt a heavy jerk in the planer. Checked the motor out. Totallty fried. 

Let this be a lesson to all of you, take care of your tools. Im sure i would have gotten more life out of mine if i hadent messed with it so much and only used it on foam. 

RIP June 27th 2010 - April 28th 2014. 


Bugger. April 28th was my 38th birthday and coincidentally my dad decided out of the blue to shout me a new planer to replace the old Ryobi I’ve been using since I started shaping. Coincidentally again, it’s a Bosch. If you believe in reincarnation, perhaps you’ll get some comfort in the knowledge that your old workhorse has been reborn and will be shaping boards in a small shed in South Australia. Then again, perhaps not…

you couldn’t tell me what the model is called in Australia/NZ? thanks sam

Hey Sam. Don’t know if that was directed at me, but I’ll bite. The one I bought is GHO 26-82, but it turns out it’s not all that well suited to shaping, as it has a cutting head with a single blade. This is the mid-range in terms of power, with one above and one below it, in terms of wattage.