River surfing

Finally went and did a couple of sessions on the river wave here in Montreal at Habitat '67.

Pretty crazy stuff. Different from surfing the beachbreak we usually surf. …short paddle out, get sucked down into the wave (looks bigger when you are going over the falls into it) and make it or don’t. After that you get tossed about in the rapids and then have to paddle back a good 400’ through different sets of currents going this way and that, which can be tough on a surfboard. It is a real workout!

Still trying to get the trick for it. You have to be lined up just right and be in the right position on your board to get caught, otherwise you just get sucked over the wave and downriver. Caught the wave once this morning, but on the pop-up I missed it and just got sucked over.

Will have to keep trying, the wave was a little ‘mushy’(mostly white water) today because of the recent rain, on better days there is more of a face to it. There are some guys who can really rip on it. You can see the difference from last weekend to this one in the wave between the different pics.

For more photos check out my friends Flickr set.


Was using my latest board this morning.

I don’t know if I want to call it a funboard… how about a funny gun? Or maybe just plain old ‘Big guy tri’.

It paddles well, other than that… we’ll have to see until I can stand up on the river wave… or get some waves on the east coast. Storm season will be starting soon!

There’s a rather prestigious country club right behind my house.I live off the bottom/last three holes.There’s a stream that runs through it,but during heavy down pours/el ninos , it’s a torent w/ a killer wave lock…kicker is …if you eat it… you’ll get sent directly into a low(how low is it,Herb?)bridge ,about a foot or two ???under water…IF YOU SURVIVE THAT…you head directly into a spillway that leads to a flood channel which is 1/2 underground…and dumps off into the Santa Ana River…Good Luck if you make it this far… because after that…you’re going to drown…

…Nice wave though…peaks about 6’ throws a very hollow tube…pipe style…and has some workable shoulders…rights and lefts…This fall/winter season might be a good one as well…I’ll try and remember and take some pics of it…would make some killer shots…picture-est.

I know that secret spot! Up from Best Buy. Looks like the fallen part of the golf course is building up the sandbar below for the winter. :slight_smile:

Here’s something…

Click on the Sluggo t-shirt…He’s basically standing in my backyard…the hill you see in the background is a levy,thet seperates the golf course… from us peasants…lol.

I saw this thing on tv where these guys built a wave park at the outlet of a river. Right before it dumped into the ocean, they shaped the sand into a bunch of hill things, they were using body boards I think, but kneeling on them. It looked really fun. The river was really fast, I can’t remember why though, I think it was some seasonal thing.

What happens is the waterway narrows,and/or gets obstructed(rocks,sand,walls,dragon’s teeth,but the best is low bridges)…this creates speed/pressure and backflow…‘’‘’‘’‘’‘a wave lock’‘’‘’‘’‘’'.This particular spot has all the right combos including wind shelter/ direction.You should see it go off !!!

Hey good hearing from you,hope all is good bradda.

Your name comes up from time to time in good conversation.

Oh Yeah,


This secret spot…Gets it’s rundown/waterflow from 1200 feet elevation,it does this in about 1-1/4 miles .It also gets jetted thru a narrow path into a lake like opening past the cross bridge…like I said…perfect set-up…just needs a steady downpour with all the water you can give it.

post some pictures of it… it sounds wild

That does sound pretty wild Herb.

Wonder what you could use to keep from being sucked under the bridge and drowning. Some kind of net? :wink:

That seems to be the thing with river surfing, it’s after you’re out of the wave that things can get …say… interesting?!

There is a spot on surfers right of the wave in Montreal, that starts working when there is enough water, into a tight little curling wave. According to a couple of locals they use a ‘tow’ rope tied to a tree to ride out lying on your board until your are in the wave then you can let go of the rope and pop-up.

They also said that the water is shallower there so you might want a helmet in case you perl… I think I will wait to try that one…:slight_smile:

I’ll post more shots when I get them. Might do a morning session tomorrow.

I think I saw this place in the over the falls kayak guys video

this place on the mat would be all day music

a crowd out here would be a great gladiator format

no leash would truly be heroic

cross stepping in the white water

whadda place to live out old age

is this close to tom blake’s old surfers home?

Is that why he bailed?

body surf ?

whoa the potential

seed the local champ to the tripple crown finals!



tow in the surf gods

test the science

all day long

close up the bonnyville salt flats

we have found surfing’s wemoouth

Yeah that could be one of the videos. They filmed a couple of them around here, at the Habitat wave and up further in the Lachine rapids. I have heard of a wave in the Lachine section called big Joe… apparently only for the very brave… even in a kayak.

If you pay attention to kayak things, you might have heard of the Rouge river, north of Montreal near where I grew up. It has some world class rapids on it. When I get a chance I am going to talk to a guy I knew in High school who guides there at New World (rafting company), he will know where the surfers and kayakers go to get standing waves. Though, again, the rouge would be a place to wear life vests and helmets for sure… lots of crazy currents.


I’ve thought of giving it a try at least once just to say I did it ,but …one mistake and it might cost me some body parts.

But I will go out and shoot some pics ((((before and after …type shots)))))…the contrast alone would be abrupt.

I’m sure we’re due…year before last we had a steady type rainy season,but not real conductive for this spot.I need a el nino type rundown…you know?



Elijah Mack…godfather of river surfing

totally crazy former OBSF surfer

Check the videos…

He runs a hair salon specializing in Afro cuts when he is not river surfing.

Thanks ,

I’ll check it.

So basically Herb, you would be flash flood surfing!! :slight_smile:

It would be interesting to see some pics. Though don’t risk any body parts or anything. :wink:

That’s a good link Blakestah, thanks. I’ll check out more of them when I have time. The Zambezi clip is an insane wave…

Tried it once but it but I was on a creek and the flow was not enough.

Thanks Herb. Knowing you are back into shaping and glassing kinda got me back into it a bit more. I’ve been way too busy to do it as much as I’d like though Right now I am at a SANS conference in SDSU and living in a dorm room for the week.

We should hook up with your brother and surf. Maybe not the ‘secret spot’. I like my body parts right where they are.

Ya ,

Me too!!!

I was hoping to get someyoungdumbfullofcum kid to try it,but no takers yet !

Ya,lets do that foresure…at least before we get to old to give a sh#t about surfing.

PM me here and I’ll give you a cell # and play catch-up with you.