Robert "Russell" Brown RIP


Russell sure was an Important part of the surf culture.

Back in the 70’s there were some legendary stories for sure!


I thought you were going to the surf ghetto in Costa Mesa and visit our shop?

This was a couple of years ago. (Maybe your cancer kicked in and messed up your plans?)

Your a mystery man like Ghetto Rat.

However i know who he is!

I have sources.

Your always welcome please come on by!


Kind regards,


     Howzit surfding,I was at the factory and the retail shop in 08 for the last time and was just getting ready to go visit Russel and Cynthia sice I woud see them a lot when they were on Kauai. I will only be in So Cal for a couple of days for the paddle out but hopefully I can set up this remodel in Seal Bch which will give me more time to get to get together with you and Herb and a few of the Sway Boys. Aloha.Kokua

While Russ shaped a few early on, he is best known for his resin-pinlline work in the 70’s; nobody could touch him back then, he was the best.  His fin panels back then would color match the board and the nose and tail blocks were made from the fin scraps.  Back then the glass shop was on 17th street in Huntington near PCH, when HB was really it for surfboard production.


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god bless

bob brown

he did it all

17th and Olive? The RC Surf Shop?

It was in one of those old oil services buildings.  I was talking with Mike Muir about it yesterday, he told me how scarred he was of the crew back then Basa, O’day, Jones, the Sides Bros., Lidau, Timpone, and Russ holding them back from their true mayhem.  When that closed he moved over across from Fibrecraft, and PRW, by then Stussy and Timpone took over most of the shaping.  Later, Pribram, New, Giddings, Burns, Fuller, Dove, Widener, Baltierra, Haun, and Wildfong.  A couple of those guys were the workhorses, while some just did cameos, like Velzy.  Lot’s of stories here, and mostly hilarious.  “Are you on the team”, “you want to be on the team”!

I was given this cool Russell Surfboard last week.  Board was shaped by Bruce Jones.  “Russell Surfboards by The Brotherhood”   Very Cool!

RIP Robert “Russell” Brown