flat is too flat?

6’ x 21" x 2.5" fish. cut from the middle part of a 6’9"A blank…probably foiled too much on the deck and ended up with 3" nose rocker and 1" tail rocker. Any predictions on how this will ride/not ride. Assume it will mainly be ridden in waist to chesh high average beachbreak.

Too flat or too much rocker is based solely on personal preferences.

You can influence your decision on the board’s performance by adjusting the template curve to compensate accordingly.

Too flat a tail rocker, just narrow the tailblock and add more curve to the hips.

Too flat a tail rocker, just thin out the tail from the rear foot back, keep the front thick.

The slower or mushier the wave, the flatter it can be and still work good.

Steep, hollow waves need rocker to fit the curves, control the speed, and drop in without pearling.

Yours is flat, but you chose to run the middle of the blank.

Its already glassed…so 3" NR and 1" TR isn’t way out of bounds…its intended for summer waves in New Jersey

If you install 3 adjustable fin boxes, you can vary placement depending on where your backfoot needs to be to keep the nose clear and still trim.

Flat is fast, so look for mushier waves, instead of closing out tubes.

Should paddle fast and catch waves early.

Hopefully, you have other boards for big, steep waves.

Thanks Lee. yea i’ve got other boards for the big hollow days.

Where in NJ Mitch?

cape may and wildwood mostly

I’m usually up in O.C.