Rocker theory...

What I wonder after (re-) watching the Stretch vid, where he says pretty much all his boards have the same (unusual) rocker, is whether Swaylockians have tried translating good short board rockers to hybrid Mini-Simm and fish designs.

Of the 17 boards I’ve made to date, my best boards have been ones where I copied a CI Whip rocker very closely.  All the boards I made from that rocker have been good, and uniquely good in terms of how they get in.

My update to the “Boards that get in poorly” thread was related to a Lance Ebert “Poi”-inspired semi-copy where I copied planshape and hull logic pretty closely (and I think successfully, as far as the specific board that was the inspiration) but not rocker.

Now I’m wondering what will happen if I apply the planshape and bottom design from the “Poi” semi-copy to the CI Whip rocker, translating (lesser nose and tail rocker) for the Ebert’s shorter length.  The CI Whip is a “stubbed” HPSB.  The Ebert is a Mini-Simm hybrid.

What likely happens when I try to apply the CI Whip’s rocker to the Ebert’s tri-plane hull and super-stubbed outline?

Again, this refers specifically to what Stretch says about using pretty much the same signature rocker on all his boards (maybe he meant other than Buzz and Buzz variants?).  Anyhow, it seems like an obvious question on this subject.

thanks! I gotta thank my NEW (4 yrs Poker playing) really increased memory! My application - just went in! Now the wait.

Hope I get the job soon bcuz I need plenty more tools! I might be VERY busy so I might have to find a local glasser to glass my twin here. Actually, I can’t wait to ride it!!! Fyi I just marked my finz. I set them 1 1/4" off rail, 1/8" tow, and I dunno yet how much, if any cant I’ll use? The tow looks good! Actually, my entire board looks ok. It’s got a bit more curve than a old school Fish. But I kinda want a performance oriented board. Or a board that surfs a little like a shortboard.

Yeah, I know I need better tools! That said, I found a piece of aluminum window track track I’ll pick up on next build. I wish I had garage as I coul have glassed today!

Anyway, I’m getting ready for full time work so I have to shave, cut my hair etc… but! I’ll be getting my grubbies on sum tools!:stuck_out_tongue: and may I say --BLANKS! Oh, and time to plow rows wit da planer!:stuck_out_tongue:

I know what you’re talking about (rocker apex) ! Go and check out your blank w rocker stick…you’ll come to realize rocker apex is at center of the blank.

As for apex of rocker and having to align. I think they used to do that. Maybe some folk’s still do? I’ll let the Guru’s chime in.

But let me give you a clue how that alignment won’t work. Try shaping a 5’8" with a 5’10" blank w wp forward 3"… your short 1"…what you do: measure out the blank, then measure half that to center. Make a pencil dot for reference. Now all you do is move
Wp forward 3" from center! That’s it. But if you wanted wp and apex to align, you could set it dead center. Upfront, boards like do work well! That said, if you want you could buy a much longer blank to align wp and apex if you want. I personally think it’s probably not necessary. Just move wp fore or aft center. That way you can use closer to your design blanks! Hope I made sum sense.

seems like the newer strategy with these wide-wider body plan shapes is to keep the entry rocker low with a nose flip  and increasing the tail rocker a tad more for performance.

griffin runs  4-5 staged bottoms on his longboards but his shorties are pretty smooth controlled by the outline and sharp beveled edges

intuitively its seems the smaller the planing surface the flatter your rocker can be except for maybe the tail where the fins are

with EPS you normally cutout your rocker with your hotwire so there’s little cleaning up that you have to do as loehr shows in his eps shaping video.

a little more work with a blank or stripped old board

it’s all in the fine tuning anyway like all shapers will tell you.

Scratch that tail rocker #! I got 1 1/2" tail rocker.

Read what you wrote Shapa. Nae sure I get what you mean? With a 5’10" blank you can shape a 5’8" board with wide point 3" forward no probs! You’re not adding 3" of length!! I’ve done 18 boards and came to realise where curve apex on rocker is on blanks on my first. I am cutting e.p.s at present & have to cut in my own rocker. It makes sense to me to have the rocker apex curve further back than half way! So it’s somewhat more beneath your feet when your up & surfing! Obviously depends on board length and width of stance etc.I found another thread where this is mentioned! Slanj.
Smile @ strangers & use the force…

entry rocker, middle rocker, and tail rocker - is it! Blending it all sounds great! Ty for sharing.

what I’m trying to say is: if you planned to build a 5’10", or whatever, and - let’s say you bought blank only 4" longer then your 5’10", ok. Now you want apex behind center 1-6" inches – you DON’T have much if any rm to do it… but I’m thinking if you bought a 7’ blank you can do that.

That said, I don’t think the experts do that? I’m thinking they probably buy blank closest to the intended design, but - just move WIDE POINT fore or aft center. Anyone agree or disagree?

The thing with a theory is that that’s all it is…a theory…until you put it in action.

Ok, here’s a theory I put into practice. I took a blank and started mowing foam w makita planer from tips towards center , but fading my cuts at center…zero there, ok… not sure , but I think this is a continuous rocker? Experts? Play with that on your next board!!!

Riveting stuff

Ok, friends the jokes are over! We’re not " rockers " - we’re shaping rocker. Or talkin bout it.

Anyway, I really like the way I read how shapers in bygone days - just bought blanks and started. They depended on themselves and personal feel for how their boards rode…then they personalized them. Then tested and refined them. Great write up I read! I geuss Shaping is an Art and a science kinda? Ltr gators!


more: I used a Zippi Fish blank, and it had a VERY flat tail rocker…I forgot what I had measured it at at? I think it was one inch? I added a 1/4" of what I think is an " accelerated tail rocker." My intuition told me it’s going to progressively go from zero - to full depth out my tail… my rocker break was a wee bit over 16" as I got caried away cross cutting my tail rocker in…I ended up halting all activities, and dropped my planer for a smoke break… I then figured I could sand the rest of the way up to my “pivot point”. Well, I had to create a break in my rocker -since blank was pretty flat… it’s similar to my other board. But no tail kick. This board is probably a blend of old and new? Whatever more planing was a sliver over an 1/8"!:slight_smile: also, I purposely pulled in my tail to 9 1/2" wide @ tail block. So it’s not a traditional fish.

What I’ve noticed watching old school hand shaping is: they don’t measure a damn thing when they are cutting rocker in… thats where art takes over. But they did measure w rocker stick, adjust foil, and use calipers… Anyway…what’s YOUR take.

About wp apex in spot…I read about it and noticed a few guy’s do it. Otoh - many dont? I think personal pref?

Anyway, this is just what I been seeing. I’ve also noticed a recent trend where apex is dead center on the short boards. But several like apex behind center? Heard one Shaper explained waves were easier to catch. Another shaper said it shortens turning radius w apex behind center. Pretty cool reads. Not sure yet what I’ll do on my Sims board? I’m geussing wp/ apex @ center. A soap bar, or elongated pill shape. I am thinking of putting a slight tail rocker at rear two feet up or less? 1" tail rocker w kick more near should be sorta thin and flat at tips at tail block. I’ll figure out ltr if any bottom contours. But the traditional Sims has a single tp dub concave v setup. Might be needed w really wide tail?Nose flip also near front. Sound ok?

Dims might be 5’10-5’11"? And 23" wide.