not John Rocker but Fish rocker.

Any ideas what 1 1/2 or more tail rocker on a 5’8" would do? Thinking of giving it a ton of rocker in the tail for lift. Stupid? What if I made it thinner than a normal fishy. Any theories? Thanks.

no theories just physics…

flatter rockers are faster…the faster you go the more lift you’ll have…fin toein lifts the tail quite effectively, so does tail width…curvy rocker creates heaps of pressure drag which suck the board down into the water offering poor lift but good control…1.5 tail rocker sounds good for speed, like fish rocker…speed…i like that

Agree with Meecrafty…

Less rocker is what you’d consider, not more.

More rocker for big, fast, powerful waves, in which case you’d be riding your semigun.

As for thickness, it’s more personal. Some like thick, some likey thin, big or small waves.

For ultimate small wave speed and responce, try dead flat tail rocker and really curvy outline from back widepoint thru to the tail.