what are some good rocker #‘s for a 9’ longboard? performance and classic. i’ve had some problems with early pearling of the nose. it could be the rider, but also the design. i need to add some nose concave for the next one. any help??

i’ll give it one more shot

No a single bite since Thursday , cmon fellow swaylockians help a brother out. It’s like you paddled out at Lunada Bay with a colored wetsuit. No one wants to touch this. Since I don’t make longboards I can only give you the standard goverment swaylock answer. Go check the archives. Peace teddy

Teddy, On a 9’0, I’d say you’re doing fine with 4.75" - 5.25" of nose rocker, and 3.5" - 4" of tail, depending on how you want your board to perform.

i never get any rocker in the nose of my longboard, maybe 2inches or something. you gotta learn to ride a flat board and when you do you will never go back to so called high performance nose rocker.

i agree with clive. the less the better on classic style boards. in the tail of classics i like about 3.75 to 4 inches of rocker. austin

how about tail flip?? is it good the last 12", 18"??

For high performance longboards I use the 9’1" Y with the “bottom centered” rocker, then add just a bit more in the nose. For a classic I use the same blank, just leave it as it is. So far all the boards Ive shaped using the 9’1" Y have all turned out to be good riders. http://www.cheynehoran.com.au