I need to know more about rocker. Most are categorized by nose and tail lift but it seems to me that this is only the tip of the ice berg. It confuses me even more when the local blank maker suggests that I can order blanks with a custom rockers by simply giving him the nose and tail lift. The number of subtly different curves that would join those end measurments are infinite. For example I was planning on making an early 80’s thruster ala Simon Anderson. A kind shaper aquiaintance suggested a Nose lift of 4.5" and tail of 1.5". Is the curve in between just a smooth curve? Then you have got many people talking about three stage rockers. Im confused and need some direction regarding rockers generally.

ordering custom rocker ??? Start witrh stock rockers. Shape what you like using most stock rockers works fine. If you plan on shaping a bunch of the same style boards you may find a rocker closer to your finished shape. That well save you time in the future. For all the work to get a few custom blanks from clark and the down time it just isn’t worth the wait. I shape a lot of longboards and can order and have my blanks by the next week. I do order custom rockers butr only for Longboards. I’ll order thats say 9’1" Y with -1/2n x +1/2t to get a flater nose rocker. I see a need for rocker change in LB blanks. SB blanks now days need very little change. Three stage ??? I’m sure there talking about nose, entry, tail… Remember KISS

Just an amateur, but guys like rusty know what theyr doing. eg I’ve shaped longboards from stewart blanks and using his rocker with just a bit of END adjustment gives you what you want. The overall rocker curve should be tailored only a bit ie. choose the right blank and adjust only the ends. If you need a different o/a rocker forget it as the guys DO know what theyr doing. All boards are a progression. If you try to recreate an old board rocker wise what about thickness distribution, tail or/and nose width? Its all relevant. Cant take one element, change it and produce the perfect board. Take what is available and adjust along OLD principles but only one part at atime and then you can get the PERFECT board for U.