Rod Machado short board

Rob is such a light weight 63 kg I think. I was wondering, does anyone know the dimentions of his standard short board. curious cause i’m 66 kg and ride 5’ 11".


by the way i’m NOT Rob Machado, just curious thats all.

I always wanted to surf like Rob Machado, too… ever since I was 36 years old (I’m 46 now). I too weigh about the same (70kg) and maybe am a little taller. But I can’t surf two or three times a day, everyday, so I’m not in as good shape, and, I’m not preternaturally gifted, so I don’t think his dimensions would work for me. But if you surf everyday and are super gifted I’ve seen CI ads where his boards are like 5’-10" x 18 x 2-1/8".

looks a tad bigger than 5’11"