roll out

anyone use rollers instead of a squeegee to layup poly? better? worse? indifferent? I’m looking for help with getting out the air bubbles, even when I’m sure there is none a few show up after cure. does taking longer to do the layup lend to air in the glass? I use suncure and take my time.

I’ve used a roller, but it was on a wooden kook-box type paddleboard where I had a huge expanse of very flat deck to wet-out, and beading in the wood to work resin into also. (that board is in the board archives here) I think the problem with a resin roller on a foam surfboard would be that you tend to need to press and go back and forth some, over the bad spots. The pressure would likely cause dents. Also, remember that most boards are not very straight or flat, the roller is stiff and straight. It might work on a very flat deck or bottom, lengthwise over the stringer, but if you used it on more curvey sections on the deck, bottom, or rails, it could even introduce bubbles to the lam. Sqeegees can be made to conform to the shape of the deck & rails and are softer too. My vote is for the squeegee on any foam board. If you try the roller, let us know how it worked. EJ

The bubbles could also be from out-gassing from the board itself, or from a paint job, if color was applied to the foam. Others here know more about this than I. Hope to hear more.

Forget the roller.When we talk about sqeegees most of us are referring to “Thalco” rubber squeegees…not the plastic ones you see kicking around the stores.At least that is what most of the industry uses. I have two…one is 6 inches wide…the other is 3 inches and ground down to a thin taper(it is for final cleanup).Don’t let them dry out after use or they will get stiff.Best to keep them wet when not in use.I store mine in a closed container with clean acetone but I suppose you could store them in water. R.B.

yeah, I use Thalco too and a bondo to clean up the laps. I know some industries use the rollers for their ability to push out the air, but those industries are laminating harder surfaces than foam. so I guess the roller is out, laps would be a bitch to roller anyway…or would they…

(sorry… Don Ho just came to mind) might expand when UV resin is heated in the sun. Are you curing your UV in direct sunlight?

Sometimes these tiny bubbles are what is called "pin air"or "drain"in the trade.They usually are a result of a dry lamination.I wet the board out twice when glassing…don’t drag too much resin off of the board.You can sometimes come back and squeegee in more lam resin after the board has cured a bit.I usually thin it with styrene and squeegee the heck out of it.I also use suncure at times and this usually eliminates the “drain” problem.Most pin air will occur on the bottom…you only have one layer of glass and the rocker lets the resin drain toward the ends.As for bubbles you can sometimes take styrene and work it in with your finger to work em out.Styrene is bad stuff so wear gloves and be careful. R. Brucker

J.R. you might want to try just setting the board out in the sun for a few seconds to get it halfway cured…then if you see pin air you can go back inside and sgueegee more resin in.After that go ahead and cure it out.I have done this a couple of times…when you get it out into the sun the flaws become pretty obvious. R.B.