Rory Russell Redux

Here’s the situation: A kid (5’7" 160 lbs.) comes to you and orders a 6’7" round pin 11.5 nose 19 wide 13.75 tail 2 3/8 thick thruster. In passing he tells you that he wants to surf like Rory Russell in the 70’s; you know knees close together with his feet pointed more toward the stringer rather than across it. What design features do you use to help him realize his “swivelhips bonzodog” dreams? Board to be used in North-Central Calif. (not Santa Cruz).

“What design features etc” Try a bong. Works great for me. Other than that the single fin.

…he needs a single or a supercharged thruster.Herb

A kid 5’7" 160 lbs squat, heavy kid wants to surf like a thin tall Rory Russell (Gerry Lopez Clone)??? …then he wants to surf with a forward middle of the board stance. Make him a forward standing board, suitable for Shaun Tomson, read Greg Loehrs board attitude, tail riding vs. middle riders article.