If anyone is looking for a very good router that is affordable, go to; The Milwaukee 1&3/4 hp is going for $99.00. This is a great deal. One thing is that they are reconditioned tools. They come with a full one year warranty and are in good condition. I have purchased many tools from them in the past with NO problems. This router is very comfortable to use and has a worm gear depth adjustment and quick release. I have three that I use all the time. This one will last you the rest of your lives. It’s not a plunge but just as good.

ps. I have no affiliation with this company. It is a heck of a deal. Simply a heads up to those interested.

Well this post was a surprise. Thanks blank!  I have two of these and thanks to you I’m about to order another. These really are the most comfortable, easy to use router you can find. Thanks for the heads up!

If you use promo code: milrecon it drops it down to $80

Big Green, Agreed. They are my go tos now. I’ve got porter Cables and Bosch but these are the most comfortable by far. This really is a great deal. I keep two dedicated to cope and stile goods. No set up time, grab and go. Bitchin’.


Right on Mr. Butt. Onya. I don’t need another one but it sure is tempting.

thought i’d post this here first…i got the bosch gkf600 palm router for my lokbox jig (Not the vaccum one)

The only problem is i dont have the part which covers the top of the drill bit so i dont cut the plastic templates? I used other routers for fusions and futures before and they have a bearing type thing which swivels round along the edge of the template. Can anyone PLEASE tell me what bit i need and where to get it? I’m in the uk…

Any help appreciated

I started with a Sears router that I inherited from my Mother.  She was a pretty good carpenter  Older router similar to early Black and Decker or Porter Cable routers.  From there to a Skil plunge router that I bought on Maui a few years back to do fin boxes.  Several Ryobi trim routers.  I kept looking at the Porter Cable Kit with both bases.  Standard and Plunge.  Finally broke down and bought the P-C kit.   Bought some fin plugs etc. from someone here on Sways.  Charlie I think and there was a good fixed base Porter Cable in the box. The older PC’s are pretty good.