S A superstrong feedback

It’s been about 3 months now since Midget announced the availability of his ‘superstrong’ formula blanks. Anybody have feedback on them ?  With the older formula I had good luck with the blue - holding up well, minimal deck dents with a 4x4 glass job, but the green  dented  heavily very quicklywith the same glass.

I have one of the new "red" density blanks, which i think is equal to the old "black". Its not a light blank, but then again im not interested in light for the intended board.


Im pretty sure from his post you can drop down a "colour" and have the same strength,ie old red = new blue, so you could go a green, which would equal a blue sompression strength wise.


Not far off shaping the red, so i can update if needed.

no users yet ?

of course there are users       where abouts are you?


I haven’t shaped one but I’ve seen/felt one of midgets new yellows? hmm…could have been the pink though? anyway what ever it was it was f@rkin light?.. done by a big lable, comp style board, glass on fins easily the lightest PU I’ve ever felt.  Blew me away.