San Diego Glassers

I’m looking for someone in the area to do my glassing. They must be able to do Future boxes and contactable (what a novel idea, eh?). Any suggestions? Currently, I am leaning towards Northwind, but looks like typical turn around is three weeks.

Thanks in advance.


Glass it yourself. Turn around is as fast as you can complete the job. Bonus is you get the satisfaction of making your own board. The whole board. Mike

I know, don’t think I didn’t mull it over, but maybe after a few. This one is going to be critiqued enough without a shoddy glass job to boot. Baby steps…

In North County Moonlight Glassing is good but takes up to 6 weeks to get it back. Sugarmill in Oceanside if fast some times 1 week, I don’t glass due to health reasons.

Note: I didn’t think three weeks was too long, or do I expect it turned around in one, but I just thought it would probably be more like four or more weeks in reality. People always give best case and it ends up being worst case.

Shaper: “Your board is two weeks out”

Translation: “I’ll get to it when I have time. Probably ready in a month or so”.

You take it to the glasser.

Glasser: “Your board is two weeks out.”

Translation: “We’ll get to it when we have time. Probably ready in a month or so.”

Been there, but I was the shaper AND the glasser. Doug

the last board I had glassed at Sugarmill they said 2 weeks but was done in 1 week…it was a sanded finish plus September is slow month. mid November through December can be a busy time for most glass shops so two weeks might be fast for any board…




All good guys, I’ve currently got a board at each, seen boards done by each and can say that all three are artisan level IMO.