San Diego Shaper Recommendation

I have been lurking around these forums for a while and decided to finally post a question. I have been surfing for almost 20 years and have been through many boards short and long, old and new. The past 10 years or so have been only longboards and they have all been the high performance style longboards (except for 1965 Gordon and Smith.) I have decided I wanted something a little more classic and am looking at having a Nuuhiwa style noserider shaped. It has been a while since I have had a board shaped and I am looking for some recommendations on good longboard shapers in the area. Thanks in advance for the responses!!

I believe that Donald Takayama shaped the original Nuuhiwa noserider for Bing. Tommy Maas is the licensee for DT’s boards and probably has some good insight on the design.

Mike Eaton had the Bing license a few years back before Calvani and did a Bing noserider that was based on the Bing Nuuhiwa model. Joe Bagguess was ghost shaping for Mike then while Mike concentrated on his paddle boards. ACE (who is a Sways member) also ghost shaped a bunch of them for Eaton before Joe was there.

Around 2001-?, Bill Shrosbee shaped Nuuhiwa noserider models for Joel Tudor.

Tom, Mike, Joe, ACE and Bill would be guys that could shape what your’e looking for.

I believe all these guys are still shaping in SD county.

Jim “the genious” Phillips in Encinitas. Maybe someone can post his contact info. or you might PM him from here.



Jim “the genious” Phillips in Encinitas. Maybe someone can post his contact info. or you might PM him from here.


jims the man!!

PM Surfore he will get info to jim

Thanks for the info! I believe Jim Phillips is over there at Channins, right? I have also seen some Steve Clark shapes that were nice too. One at the Longboard Grotto was beautiful!

I’ve got an early Eaton / Bing Noserider reissue for sale.

It’s in B+ ~ A- condition from the late 80’s.

Go to Jim. You wont be disappointed. I’ve ridden a number of his boards and currently have a 9’8" volan log (similar to a model T) that is one of the best noseriding longboards I’ve ever ridden.

His shop is on the very North side of the building where Fins Unlimited and Channin’s are.

I should have his phone number lying around if you want…PM me for it.

if you are comin to town I have a shozbie for sale in my store on consignment,…

the way to go is to get this list of recomendations and then go to see each of these

respective shapers and feel their rails.

talking to em ,bringing em lunch ,schmoozing em aside

FEEL THE RAILS>>>> they will have an afinity to your grip

everybody is likely to interpret the rails a bit diffrently.

the comparison is subjective.

If you like the way it FEELS thats the one you will love…

went out to eat at a resturant last night.

the handrail was an insult to my hand

too high and just nailed to the top of a 2x8.

going up and down the stairs was an insult.

it was a popout pattern rail stock from

lowes home dapoot pop- out rail.

anybody asks why you chose Phlam Dechaer over

the world renown Ryp Sledgefink super shape

your best defended response will be…

It Just feels right.

the schrozbee rail when I finally carried

into put away after pricing and displaying

it on the highway for a quit heafty price

all day a couple saturdays ago

didnt feel right.

kinda like a post machine scrubbed square feature.

much like a few Takayama’s I fealt a few years back.

as this was a tudor stickered board

it may reflect his prefrence for that machine generated little square thing.

The fact that it may be a ppositie feature in the eyes of some riders…

more power to them…

but the bottom lline Is


and you will be married for a long time.


pay lots of money

to the guy and ask

politely for lots

of glass and

higher density blank

they are well suited

to a little more weight,

over 20#My child hood friend’s

N.model kicked ass.It was heavy.

Another vote for Jim Phillips. I can say with some certainty that there’s not a better

longboard shaper on this planet. Absolutely the best at re-creating 60s models, you

just name it, JKP has a file (in his brain) for it.

If I was in the San Diego area, I would be making a visit to see Jim Phillips. In my humble opinion, Mr. Phillips is the man I would want to be shaping my board for me. The examples of his art I have seen and put my hands on have demonstrated the work a true Master Shaper produces.

Does any one have the contact info for Jim Phillips.

try here:

there is a “contact us” link on the site.

Also, Leucadia Surf shop in Encinitas was carrying his boards, you could call them to order one.

I just spoke with him on the phone. I am going to try and make it out to his place tomorrow.