San Diego space for Shaper/Glasser

Long story short, my friends rent an apartment in PB with a detached garage. We built it out as our workshop where we build/repair our own boards and boards for friends. We had some initial complaints from neighbors about smells from glassing, and noise from working late nights. We changed our work habits to appease the neighbors, and thought everything was fine. We even brought wine to neigbors (who were very appreciative and thankful) to make sure we were all friends, and asked them to come to us directly if there were any more issues. Of course, when there were issues they just went to the landlord who then called us and told us we had to stop everything we were doing in the garage immediatly.

We are considering the options we have, one being to just keep working (looking into what kind of legal recourse the landlord may have), but the other is to secure other space for us to work in.

The question is, does anyone have, or know of space that we could take over, and if so, what would rent be. I got to the point where I am completing roughly one board start-to-finish per month, with some handplanes and repairs in the mix as well. The three of us have a TON of projects in process that are now all stuck on hold until we can figure out what we are doing.

Any and all help would be appreciated! We are all very passionate about this, and have way too much money invested to just give up.

Use epoxy.

Work hours 9am-7pm. 


Did you ever stop to think that your neighbors may be equally passionate about the quiet enjoyment of thier home after a day of work?        Or even just want to get a good nights sleep?       

One guy working on surfboards in the garage 2 Saturdays a month is no big deal…perfecty legal…it’s a hoby…

3 Guys working in the Garage all the time cranking out 3 boards each per month plus repairs and hand plane…That’s a Big Deal…

The person that called the landlord did you a favor…The next call will be the Fire Department and the Police Department…and the City Code Inforcement guys…You are going to get shut down… move to Campo, buy a ranch…ha ha…

If any Home Owners want to talk about how I worked around these problems we can talk…


of course we considered that. Thats why we never worked passed 8:30, kept our power tool use to weekends midday, and always asked our neighbors if they minded what we were doing, and apologized when there was an issue with a bottle of wine, and even told the neighbors if there were any problems they could approach us directly and we would remedy the situation. We thought that was pretty reasonable. Not sure what else we could have done to be considerate of everyone around us.


the question I was asking, was if anyone knew of space available to rent.

I went to Google. Typed in “San Diego Surfboard Shaping”. Came up with this…

But renting a house in East county is an option you might want to consider. Get out there where all the off roaders and shit kickers live and nobody cares much about a little foam dust or resin fumes.