Sander/Polisher question

I just bought a nice 7", variable speed (200-3400 rpm) sander/polisher from Harbor Freight (I know, China crap but it was $19 and I was tipped off about the sale on this forum!) for a really good price. Haven’t tried my hand at shaping yet but I do alot of repairs and restorations. I have a Lis fish right now that I’m sanding down and re doing the gloss/polish. I burned up my old Black and Decker polisher and it was one speed (~3000 rpm). My question is, when polishing it out, what is the best speed for the rubbing compound and then for the polish. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.

somewhere between 200 and 3400 rpm

you will get a feel for it

keep it moving on the board as not to get the board hot

Hey Gaucho,

You know what, I was thinking the same thing that Ken wrote, so it was not a joke.

Really, the speed will be all over the place, then you will settle in on a speed that

will work best for a particular zone.

For polishing be sure not to go too fast, as “waffling” could occur…