Sanding.....Better paper or the cut?

So I had this fish that I hotcoated about 3 weeks ago. Justgotto sanding it last night. I started off with 80grit on my sander with the new powerpad, and I cut the paper the same size as the pad. I must’ve sanded the board for 2 or 3 hours off and on, getting frustrated because it was just NOT sanding. It was as if the pad was just “skipping” over the surface leaving some wicked scrathes all over the place. So I put the board away before I destroyed it. I get home today and start again, only this time I used a piece of 100 grit Aluminum Oxide paper and (After readinf kokua’s post) cut it so it had about 1/4" overhang around the pad…One of those two things made all the diference in the world, but I don’t know which one…? It took all my 80 scratches right out and took me about 15 minutes to completely sand each side (5’5" Fish)…I’m thinking it’s the quality of the paper, and if it is, I’ll never use anything else. It actually makes sanding…UUhhh…Ok, FUN.

I know, I know…

I’ve already got tons of flak about my choice of butt cracks on this one, but to tell you the truth, I don’t think having the space in the middle is going to really effect the ride. Plus it made it 50 billion times easier to get into and shap, sand and whatnot. I like the way it looks.


Neat little fish. Are you mixing your own hot coat resin? Since I started mixing surfacing agent into my lam resin myself hotcoats sand much nicer. Not as much of a chore. You could reinforce that butt crack and use it to open your beers after a surf, too. Kidding. Mike

Hardy Har F#$@%n Har… :wink:

I have found that I have to use the grey 220 sandpaper that i use for sanding lacquer to sand the my epoxy hot coat. If I use the brown 100 grit it clogs and puts swirls in the epoxy.

I haven’t had a “clog” or “gum” problem in quite a while, but I tell ya’, that Aluminum Oxide paper is the best thing since sliced bread…(Unless it was just that I left an overhang, but I doubt it).

Nice fish tenover… doesn’t matter about the crack - as long as it rides the way you like it.

I would say it’s the better paper, plus you did the bulk of the sanding with the 80 grit, it just didn’t look so swift when you got sick of working on it. Waiting 3 weeks to sand made a difference too.

Serioulsy? I thought once the hotcoat was dry you could let it sit for a year and it would sand ok…no?

Howzit have, Nice looking fish and the butt crack is fine, just finished one with a similar butt. The skipping might be due to a some what warped pad. I ordered 2 Hard power pads from F.H. and one was fine and the other was a wabbler so I sold it. F.H. will turn the pads before shipping if you ask them but they tell you it’ll cost you a dollar. I find that Hermes sandpaper is one of the best on the market that’s available to us. 80 grit for the bottom laps then 100 grit,I find that the 100 grit cuts better and smoother, kinda funny how that works. Aloha,Kokua

hey kokua,

i just took a tour of the hermes factory today. IT WAS AWESOME. Anyways thats all i use here. Since its located less than 10 miles from me.

Austin S.