Sanding futures before installation

I just read a few of the threads on the leash plug installation. It sounds like sanding the plug is essential and lam resin is prefered over hot coat resin. Maybe its not so critical for futures as they are under potentially 3 layers of glass (bottom layer plus 2 football patches), but sould the same rules apply: sanding with 50-80 grit and using lam resin only? Thanks, Canuk

I rough my boxes up (bottom and sides), then wipe them clean with acetone. Try to install the boxes while they are somewhat tacky from the acetone. And finally I use sanding resin just in case I need to clean up anything. I found if the boxes are not glued in well they will still adhere to the glass, but the part of the box in the foam gets ike a loose tooth, and eventually delams the the deck above the box on thinner tailed boards so it’s good to have a tight hole (as we all know har har) and good adheasion. Hope this helps.