Sanding hot coat problem?

So I am working on my first board and recently laid down the hot coat and started sanding with 100 grit and then moved up to 220. I am ending up with the clouded deck as pictured, I haven’t sanded a whole bunch but I’m worried that I screwed something up as this doesn’t look right to me. Even after I clean with water I get the same effect. Any ideas and/or tips would be appreciated.

So what u did is sanding with 100 and ending with 220?
If that is true what u have to do is after 220, sand with 240. After that take 300 water proof then 400, 600, 800, 1000 using lot of water.
U can also go with more than 1000. After that for a shiny finish u have to polish it.
Have fun hahaha
I made a pad from eva foam and use it with the sander just for the wet sand

…hello man, no worries you are doing it good, keep on going. You should have all the shines out, that s sanding. Then you apply a gloss coat; if you do not want a gloss coat you can apply an speed finish or you can leave only sanded, but that s not so good. If you go this last was, be careful to remove every previous deep scratch you have . With what sand paper and what technique depends on the finish you want; others and I explained these several times, try archives.

Well that’s a relief, I was afraid I screwed something up and didn’t want to keep on sanding until I got some advice. That’s a relief. Thanks colinIG

Put something in between the 100 and 220   150or 180

Thanks for the help guys. How will I know when it’s ready for gloss coat? Will the cloudiness be pretty much gone from hot coat and do I need to go all the way to 1000 grit to get it right?

for a gloss? You need some scratches to grip the gloss. We gloss clears after sanding to 150 and colors to 220. 

Sand… get it smooth. do any fills you need to. then gloss.

Any shiny spots you see means there’s still wax on the surface and a gloss coat won’t stick to it. The whole board should be uniformly dull when it’s sanded properly prior to your finish of choice (gloss, spray, etc)