Sandpaper sources?

Where do you get your sandpaper discs from? I mostly have cobbled stuff together from Harbor Freight and the local big box stores…but it seems like it would be more efficient to buy in bulk. Suggestions? I’d love to go hook’n’loop, but adhesive back work too.



If you are serious about making good things then get some real sand paper. KLINGSPORE Cloth Backed cost more money but it is cheaper cost in use!

S’Ding nails it again. Klingspor lasts longer though the cost is more. This is a quality product. You can go to : or: McFeely’ and order what you need.

ill co-sign on that klingspor is great.

Back in the day they used to be like MACK and SNap on and the rep would come to the shop once a week.

Ebay you can get some great deals on 3m and norton 50 packs for like 15 bucks.

so what klingspor type would you recommend in the adheasive disk.??

Lake, The cloth backed paper(?) is the best AND most expensive. It lasts the longest, either hook and loop or psa. They make a “stearated” type that is purported to not clog and reduce resin build up. This has been my experience. Longer durability. This is funny because it is the same argument  for or against pu/pe vs. ps/epoxy. As consumers for materials we all say “hell yes” I want the stuff to go longer and last a while. What is the dis-connection when it comes to boards? Personal preference. I still like the feel of a pu blank, but do i want longevity? Hell Yes! It’s a trade off. 

 Back to the sandpaper. Klingspor makes rolls of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive paper that are my go to’s. They come in a roll of 100 for about $25.00 for 5 inch and in 6 inch it goes for about $30.00 to $35.00. They are aluminum oxide. Very convenient. Go to: www.McFeely’s .com and see what I’m talking about. Or contact Klingspor direct. Good luck.


If you go for Norton, make sure it is the production paper.

thanks tblank

 i will go with the psa alum oxide, price seems ok unless you go thue 50 per board , LOL

love this iine from your riodeloso website "finely crafted wave harvesting machines"!!

Thanks Huck…I had fun making the site. I’ve always liked graphic design, building the website gives me an opportunity to learn new things and get creative!

Thanks everyone for the comments…based on these, I was able to find a great source of cheap (cost not quality) Klingspor discs (Jet sandpaper is just reboxed Klingspor)—check ebay, but I got 36 8" discs for $22. Thanks all!