Santa Barbara Stubbie

I'm interested in shaping a 6'7" 'Santa Barbara Stubbie'.  A board originally shaped by George Greenough and Michael Cundith in 1966.  They are now being reproduced exclusively by White Owl Surfboards.


This will be my forst board shaping project but I'm hoping my life history of surfing and my technical Graphic design profession will give me some beginner's luck.  I'm looking for some tips on rails, nose & tail thickness and the best blanks to start from for  this 6'7" longboard style shape.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

hi there ‘bice’


  unfortunately I can’t open pdf files , but …


  maybe /  check out the mctavish ‘more stoked’ book ? ,


  as well as google michael cundith , greenough , wilderness surfboards .


and richie west


and i guess , if you can see one in person at the place that is making them , then …  [ ?  notebook ,  tape measure , camera ? ]  but … chat to the guys , first , eh …


  although years later , both the movies ‘crystal voyager’ and ‘morning of the earth’ featured [much]   smaller , more manouevrable stubbies [1971 onwards ] ,  and some very  nice surfing by chris brock [m.o.t.e., lennox] and richie west [ in santa barbara / rincon / offshore islands areas ].


  all of whom live now  close to each other in australia …in fact , they  have for decades !  bob cooper and rusty miller  , also . Cali guys invaded the north and mid north coasts of east coast oz in the early 1970s  [… musta been the right points  thing,  eh ?!..]


the later ‘stubbies’ did not feature the ‘hull’ bottom , greenough and mctavish swearing off them before 1975 , apparently . flat bottoms and slight vee took over from then , at least on east coast oz.


I guess the deciding factor for **you **will be your style , your waves , and what you hope to do on them.


  please take photos , as the board progresses. As my ‘signature’ hints at … [ I LOVE photos of boards and fins , and surfing , and … a surfboard build photo thread ?!  … wooohooooo !!]]


  cheers !



…wilderness stubbies …  usa , and oz models ……2833.2833.0.5224.…0…1ac…42.img…1.0.0.iaHyASWkU1g&q=White%20Owl%20Surfboards%20%E2%80%9CSanta%20Barbara%20Stubbie%E2%80%9D#hl=en&q=wilderness+surfboards+stubbies+&tbm=isch


Check out POST YOUR HULL PICTURES threads here on Swaylocks.  There’s a whole lot more going on with those boards than the outline.