Santa Cruz Epoxy Drought

I am almost done glassing a fish with epoxy and I have run out. I have both layers on and the fin boxes are in already. Thus I need some epoxy, enough for a fin patch and a hot coat, and I need it quick. Freeline didnt have any and the shop groms were , well lets just say they were shop groms. If anybody around here has some the could sell me I would appreciate it. I remember reading here that it was not the best idea to wait imbetween laminations with epoxy so I am getting a little nervous. Thanks Guys. Darren 858 945 6627

Foam EZ could probably have it up there in a day or two.

come by the haut shop, you could buy some from someone here i’m sure


You could go to Rev Chem in Gilroy and buy the same stuff the Mels have. You are welcome to bring your board to my house on the weekend and use my stuff, too. I don’t worry about the timing. I just scuff it up and laminate it. Mike

hey Darren,

you have a pm