Saving a roll of masking tape

Aloha All:

I wanted to share this tip with you that Manoa gave me. I am not sure if this was posted before. Did you ever have a roll of masking tape that the adhesive on the outer layer would stick to bottom layer and the layer you just pull off had no adhesive at all on it. This happen to me today when I was using some of my old 3M 233 2" tape while preping for a hot coat.

Manoa said to correct this, place the bad roll of tape in the mircowave and zap it for about 30 seconds. Let it cool down and the tape will pull out like new. It works and I save myself about $7 and a trip to the hardware store.


Thanks UncleD! Hopefully I’ll remember that trick when I find myself in that predicament again.

Note: remember to have a micro-wave oven installed in the glass-room…

Thanks, Dennis!

Howzit Uncle D, Now that's a great tip but just 3 days to late for me. I chucked 3 rolls of 233 that the adhesive had done just that. Might have one more around and will try the microwave trick.Aloha,Kokua

I must have dumped over 10 rolls before I learned this trick. Good tape is so expensive. Mahalo Manoa for the tip!