Say it ain't so, Oneula

Haven’t seen you around sways in a while, then went to drop you a PM and saw this on your profile…



Say it ain’t so…


its a shame

bernies cool

but i think hell be back

prolly just having a break

we all feel like it after all!

but CMP isnt right

swaylocks is great!(even if its a bit leftish)

and i disagree about name shapers making better boards then our compsands

better shapes? yes deffinately

but who cares if it only lasts a month

Silly, I think you are right, he can’t stay away. Something will catch his eye or pic his interest here. Has everything about boards been discovered yet? Is it all written down? Has it all been hashed out and everyone is on the path? Hope to see you again, Bernie.

But if not, Bernie, I have enjoyed reading and learning from your posts.

all the best to ya.

If there had been a super-objectionable thread…some bad attitudes that went unchecked…some new users who sucked the life outta the place…I might understand.

But I didn’t see any of that.

And I read pretty much everything… :stuck_out_tongue:

Bernie…wha happen? At least send a PM - I won’t share it if you don’t want me to - and let me know what sent you over the edge. Cumulative? It’s just not that offensive to me…

(Heck, “Psycho” and “Rubberlove” only post a couple times a week, normally…Although I severely dislike that cr@p too)

CMP - you told me his story. I get it & I’m ok with that kind of conviction…but I think you can deal. I want you to deal.

Hope all’s well…



Whats up with CmP and oneula.


Thank you for all that you brought to me.

I hope the best for you.Aloha,Mahalo.Herb

And to say that only pro factory built boards are the best…is basically prejustice.

Another words to close doors of communication, in any direction, is being narrow minded…I…am no exception either.Herb

who or what is CMP???

Howzit Shwuz, I think he was having a lot of grief from to many friends who had passed away in a short time or possibly a computer problem. I was thinking about him just the other day since he has turned me on to a lot of really good rice paper for laminates. Was going to PM him to see if he could get me more paper and I wanted to give him something in return since he would never let me pay him for the paper.Aloha,Kokua

come back oneula

we love you mate!

herb (he didnt say that. I was out of context sorry)

he just seemed down on the whole homemade compsand thing in a lot of his posts


cmp is a really amazing boardbuilder

who was big contributer to the forum

and for reasons unknown and/or personal differences

has departed!

Bernie , I have reaallly enjoyed your posts , photos , and generosity in your time here …

and …

if it’s not to selfish of me asking ,

I personally , still want to hear / read the rest of the “firewire fights …board porn gone bad” thread [board test ride report results ] , please , Bernie ?? …if you don’t , who will ??

Well, actually … brother HARRY !

Harry , you’ve been quiet lately …have you been riding Bernie’s “Firewire Fish” , at all ?

Bernie , you have been nothing but generous and gracious to me , and I know , MANY others !! I will miss you greatly here if this really IS goodbye . I hope you are just taking a well deserved break from things for a while , and will come back refreshed in the future .

But if not , I totally understand …lots of photo posts , hard work [ and all given absolutely free of charge , let’s not forget , eh ?!] …can take their toll on body , mind , spirit , soul , and finances , even ! …especially if sometimes more abuse is given back than encouragement for all the hours spent in front of a screen…

[as an aside , I feel for ‘psycho’ , and ‘rubberlove’ …their humour goes largely unappreciated and or criticised here . It would be an intense , cold, boring , overly clinical forum without humour , I reckon ! But that’s just me …maybe I enjoy having fun more than others]

to each their own though , I guess   

Bernie , do what you wanna do , BE what YOU wanna be yeah [in the words of the song ]

cheers and all the very best for the future to you mate ! [ by the way , I 'p.m.'ed you my email, if you’d like to stay in touch]


p.s. - Bernie , go surfing and …

thanks for the kind words all…

but before this turns into another one of those roadsite tribute shrines I hate…

contrary to popular belief I’m alive and kicking

just forced into having to act like a grown up

trying to save the world from the bad guys in my other life.

And yes Martha

there is a big bad world we must deal with

beyond this playground

known as sways…

When circumstances allows me out for recess again

I’ll return to the playground

but right now

I’m on detention

trying to help out in areas and on a scale

most here can’t comprehend

That cryptic line was a personal comment to myself regarding getting sucked in to frustrating troll battles in never never land.

Life has so much more to offer than arguing and wasting time in cyberspace…

Like Ben always says just make something instead of wasting time here talking about it.

The Hawaiian version is Ledward K’s comment regarding his expertise of playing slack key…

and that was “Jus Press” (smile)

too bad the muscleheads thought it meant lifting heavy weights…

But like the original T said in his debut…

“I’lla bee baack”

and Kokua got your back on the paper refill don’t worry still got a bunch left

Take care everyone

gotta go


Contrary to popular belief

John Mellor

is the most generous guy

in Mr Rodger’s neighborhood


Not building the shrine here. Just want to say “Thanks” for the care packages, cd’s for my son, loads of insight on compsand techniques and materials and all the time you’ve spent helping others.

I understand that we all have lives outside of this cyberworld, but remember, this place is also part of our lives. I’ve met some very kind and generous people here whom I never would have elsewhere, and for that, I’m very grateful.

Best of luck fighting the “bad guys” and we’ll look forward to your return.


I’ll second all that- Bernie has informed me through his posts on many things in the design and construction sphere and I’ll look forward to his return, especially as the Firewire tests was one of the most relevant threads I’ve ever seen here- intelligent unbiased testing of boards (well, a little biased- he sure likes those Griff boards!) makes for good reading.

“roadsite tribute shrines” Classic. Thanks for the kindness and sharing of knowledge. Best of thoughts - Taylor

Thanks Bernie for everything. You’ve shown me what Hawaii really is through your posts, and thanks for letting us in on many things going on in your life, the one in my head is the Queen’s tree post .

May favorable winds blow in your direction and God guide you to a place of peace. Pop in here once in a while to let us know what is going on . . .