SB-Meet and greet after "Dolphin Glide"

I’m going; I’d like to meet any of you online characters for a few brief minutes before or after the show, just to say hi and connect a face with the name. According to the SB Film Festival website; “DOLPHIN GLIDE has been rescheduled to Tuesday, March 4, at 10:00 pm – Granada.” I’ve been drinking tequila and partying with the stars for several nights now, and having a blast. A lot of local folks are convinced that this might be the last SBIFF, so I’ve tried to enjoy it to the fullest. My involvment with the Granada goes back more than 30 years, and this event just contributes to the significance for me. I’ll wear a brown leather jacket and a red knit cap. Say “hello” and introduce yourself.

Hey Dirk, I’ll be there wearing a windbreaker that says “I’d rather be in Baja.” I’m hoping to get a couple at Rincon late afternoon. I’ll probably be recognizable riding “El Paipo Grand” Roger

Sorry I missed you, Proneman. I did manage to say hi to a lot of other friends and acquaintances, though. Along with the big screen, that’s what I love about seeing surf movies in a theater. So, this isn’t the right forum to blab on about the movie, but I can quickly sum it by saying that I really enjoyed it. I stayed for both screenings. It has no plot, but rather it’s more like a ride, taking the viewer on a 24 minute rush throughout the dolphin’s sensorium. The musical soundtrack continuously surges and recedes, and includes a lot of insistent and driving percussion as well as electronic effects that resemble sonar and dolphin chatter. There are shots of other dolphins, of jellyfish streaming past, and large schools of tiny fish, but the primary imagery is of the interplay of light and water as the camera flows around beneath the surface. There are lots of waves shot from below and behind, viewing the myriad underwater explosions of bubbles and turbulence as the lip and face go peeling away. After a while, I stopped trying to recognize what I was seeing and just let it wash over me as a beautiful sort of lyrical abstraction. In my opinion the final freeze frame was a perfect choice to end the film, but I guess I won’t discuss the reasons why I think so until lots of other folks have seen it. There were no credits shown at last night’s screening.