SBC Challenge (Better Late Than Never?)


Started with an idea to make an asymetrical, took another look and after messing around drawing the outline, decided to go with a flexy bat-tail.

Stringerless EPS, 5-8 x 21" wide, 17" N and T, concave deck and single concave bottom to slight double at fins to flat out the tail.

The idea was to use some EVA floor mat, but turned out it was hard to adjust the shape to fit, so i went with some old Clark sheet foam I had laying around.

Shaped, but the foam insert still at full thickness

Had a grand idea to turn my variable speed sander into a turntable of sorts and throw paint on her as a sort of “spin art” type deal. Probably would have worked if it hadn’t thrown it across the yard. Oh well, a few minor dings to spackle and we’re moving on.

Deck glassed. In an effort to maintain tail flex, I didn’t wrap the lap from the deck side, just the bottom lap.

Finished! Added a bit of color just for fun.

Agave glass ons.

Did I mention that it glows in the dark??? You can see some of the spackling I did after using it as a lawn dart.

Finished board. 

Tail has about ZERO flex. Very flexible before glass, went to nothing with a layer of 4 oz on either side. Good news is the board rips, it’s been a super fun board to ride, so in that sense it’s definitely a success.

Thanks for looking.


Unique tail design.  I like it.

Did you laminate the tail by hand?

Thanks, yes, hand layup. Not that difficult because the angles are fairly low.


Nice fins. I’d like to see a bottom shot. 

Probably not the bottom shots you were looking for, but here’s a couple:

The tail was a bit drifty on some turns, so I added a small trailer.


sick fins. like the tail concept - probably just need to take it a bit more extreme to get the flex you want

This one gets my vote even though i have two in the comp hahah, love the fins and the tail.