see-through boards??

I have been dreaming about a totally clear surfboard… anybody ever seen/heard/ridden of one??

I can barely imagine how wild it would be surfing on something you can not really see, closest thing to jesus i guess. No idea how it could be possible, apart from solid glass hollow board…? dunno. Anybody got any ideas.

could always start with a ‘window’ in the board to keep one entertained paddling back out to the spot and waiting for the sets…


There has been a thread about a Colorado-based company producing a plexiglass board some time ago. Look for it.

I had discussions with someone around here about that, hollow wooden type frame of plexiglass, plexiglass/perspex skins and a solid rail of something see-through we arrived at. I decided against the idea cos I’d probably forget where I’d left it and that would be that.

My advice would be put a bell on it.

Jase (MMM)

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Brian Flemins - Owner

Started the project in 1998

High pressure molded clear lexan plastic


two versus of lexan available

$700-$800 when they eventually become commercially available for public purchase

you could’ve bought a demo for $350 on ebay awhile back