See Through Hollow Surfboard

Got this via e-mail…

Something I knew that could be done…

Leave it to a Canadian to pull it off…


Here are some pictures of our new build.

We launched today and it performed well.

No surf just paddled around and looked at the fishies.

We will take it to Tofino next week and see how it surfs.

It is made of lexan and plywood,cork rails with lexan fin!

It is 62 lbs, 10.4 long, 17 nose 24.5 middle and 15.5 tail.

I built it from plan purchased from Paul Jensen, of

I added an inch of thickness to the plans for weight.

It turns easy paddles fast and rides low.

It’s a real grunt to haul to the beach, but fantastico when in the water!!


Its name is {the lexx}

wholy shit!!

a glass bottom board!!

that would be great for the folks who are afraid to put their faces in the water for snorkling

Check this thing out.


Hi Paul,

This is the ride report for new concept board made of lexan.

I took the lexx up to tofino and tried it in surf for first time, it really surprised me .

It exceeded my expectations, after paddling it in calm water and seeing how low it floated I wondered how it would surf and it surfs amazing!!

You need to start out on the tail to pick up the nose and after you get going it is a total cruiser.

I was riding 3 to 4 ft surf at first very successful then I went to some outside breaks at 5 and up and it handled everything well because of your design and because at 62 lbs nothing really ruffles your feathers .

It takes a big drop slow and steady and will clear sections of white like they are not there.

I punch through the white water with out turtling and once I pushed it through some forcefull white and put my hands up to protect me in case it came back at me and it jerked my leg forward through the white as it went through !!

It has lots of momentum and super stable and turns easily and you can see through it .

I was looking for crabs in between sets.

Keep on surfing Bill


That is a very slick looking board.

Begs the question…Is it simply a show piece?

If see through boards could be made as viable production boards then an alternative to wax and texture decks would be necessary so as not to lose the startling effect of seeing through your board.

hey RC I saw that board at the daytona expo the other month, it was pretty cool.

Ive made one myself, regular EPS board - when I was done there was a mix of emotion as I drilled a 6inch diamond shape about a foot from the nose(big enough for me to put my hand through. I used a couple layers of light clear plexiglas on each side fit to shape. you cant fill the whole void because it wont come out clear and the weight becomes an issue at that point.

You have to vent if you are doing this, and expect to have a board that works!!!

It came out cool, dont put poly over the “window” on top of epoxy (even if you think it wont milk out) The window after a few sessions got cloudy and now all you can see is colors.

it was cool to color the board in a retro ‘acid wash’ using about 6 colors (looked like tiedye coming out of the window).

Definately something I will atempt again - just not in a preformance shortboard.

sorry about the pic quality, it was taken with a cellphone


That board is just perfect to go fishing off…

Surfore, is that board in the pics rideable? Need to be vented? Available as an order??

I don’t know. You can contact Ricky here:

    1. 4456 r

The board that Rickey made has been posted before. It’s for show, as I understand. I’ve held it

in my hands and it’s a nice piece of work. It always gets your attention, doesn’t it?

not to mention good for seeing what might be sneaking up at ya from underneath…

the mischievious mind at work

released a lizARD INSIDE THE

see through board

then it thought of the murphy cartoon

where they lost the club mascot lizard

if you lost it in the see through board

you wouldn’t smash it under the rug

and paddling it out would the fish see

the lizard and bang the bottom trying to devour the liz?

sea through body board wow

less commitment of time and materials

watch the bubbles fly by

psychadellia !

mount the camera inside oh baby!

take pictures of the lizard’s facial xpressioins

send em to his mom!


flora come look I just got pictures from

anoli my son who moved to the beach to live with the surf crowd…

see through boards… been done before… about 80 years ago in the “big wood boards” days.

We just concluded a nice show of authentic old wood and balsa boards here in Honolulu. One of them had a cutout that was shaped to fit what I always called a “glass bottom box” which in it’s most basic form is a bucket with a glass bottom. The board had the v2.0 model, made to fit a squarish wood box with the bottom larger than the top.

Anyway, the glass box was used while walking in shallow water, to look for holed up spearable critters, usually this would be octopus or “squid” as they are referred to here. He’e in Hawaiian…