Seeking Marc Andreini

I am in search of a shaper named Andreini. I believe his first name is Marc, and he is originally from Santa Barbara, so I have been told. Last winter in double overhead beachbreak conditions, I rode an old single fin shaped by this man, and had one of the most memorable sessions of my life. The board I rode belongs to a friend, who bought the board at a garage sale in Santa Barbara about 8 years ago. My friend uses the board in the summertime in small windswell. I took the board out that fabled afternoon because I thought it would provide a challenge. It actually changed my life, and I have been trying to recreate those feelings ever since. The board is an old (70’s) design. I am not sure when fin boxes were introduced, or leash plugs, but this board has both. It is somewhere in the 7’6" range, is thick, with a wing and a small swallow tail. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Post here or drop me a line: Aloha, Kit

Marc is curenlty living in SLO county.His close friend KP is having computer issues so it may be a while before he can dial you in with Marc.Give Kim or Roger a call at the Beach House in Sanata Barbara(Marc sells his boards there)They can probably get you in touch with Marc.

Thanks, Matt. I really appreciate it!!! Kit

I saw him yesterday at Pizmo. He shows up occasionally to surf there. Beach House is probably the best bet.

Hey Kit Marcs boards can be ordered from the beachouse or thru me my Email is and I can hook you up with him direct also.KP

What type of board is Marc know for shaping?

I too, own an Andreini, and can vouch for their “magic” quality in certain waves. Mine is a 7’10", 70’s style, wide point 3-4" north of center, single fin, volan cloth. Tail is squash, rather than swallow, bottom is very flat. I have found the board to excel in 8-9ft point break waves, though it slows down quite a bit under head high. I’ve taken it to C street and Rincon on larger swells. It is lightning fast for its length (though it doesn’t hurt that i weigh 135lbs). Bought at the beach house. I’d absolutely recommend a similar board by the shaper.

Marc is old time SB - Owl and Yater.Makes bitchin’ longboards-classics, spoons,balsa,hot curls,big wave boards,fun shapes etc.He also makes the Vaqueros boards,which are collaboration between he an KP-hull bottomed, fuller outline with a full, semi-pointed nose-very functional in all kinds of surf.To be sure a master craftsman.(and one hell of a nice guy…)

they’re actually just transplants who passed thru, but hey, shine on…

hey loke-we’re all just passing thru.Marc grew up in SB.My grandfather was born in in SB and grew up working cattle in SB/Santa Ynez/Santa Rosa/Golete/Ventura and living on the Chumash reservation.Any questions??

just stay away from the ranch pilgram

no worries.what interests me in that area is the land- a prime example of the fertile graaslands between there and san Simeon-some of the best grazing for cattle on earth. the surf is secondary and over the years what I’ve learned about that is the effort to reward ratio just isn’t worth it-it’s too fickle.better off going out at some spot along the hwy.enjoy what you have…

loke, dude or is it Duke, hear Arnold is going to finally open-up the trail into the Ranch and charge for parking to balance the budget, seems all the trust-funders don’t pay any taxes(good lawyers), so just wait the unwashed should be dropping in soon.