Segway Composites...Ken....And the APS 3000 machine

That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about.  Ken's a solid guy, and he deserves our respect....and our business.

I'd think with that integrity, all that machining capabilities, glass shop, 5000 cubic sq feet of EPS foam, he'd have pro guys all over him to cut there shapes?


 he let me to blow off the blanks, I was so the machine, I felt like I had to do I did a half ass job. it looked like it snowed in my car........don't open the window

I’m pretty sure his foam has been in the winner’s circle at all the socal paddle competitions for the past couple years.

anyways…are we not pros!!!

Ken is truly a great guy, and I have a hard time imagining somebody finding something negative to say about him. He always goes the extra mile to get you what you need and he’s constantly experimenting.

Did Ken die?

(ha. Of course not but most people would have to die to have such nice things said about them. But I will say Ken deserves every bit of it. My experience with him has been nothing but the best. All the best to you Ken.)

I've worked with Ken for years.  We've had lots of fun doing all kinds of projects.  One of the most knowledgable guys out there.

I called Ken...We talked....I sent him an e-mail with my order....I just needed 2 stock fish blanks , Ken told me he can cut anything I want...He sent me a quote and we made an apointment....Sunday at 9:00am...I was a little late but the roads were wet...Full tour...great place...I just love it when the High Tech meets the Low Tech. Hot wire machine , foam blocks , surfboards , blanks, shaping machine......Hmmm... This is fun.... A real shaping room for hand shapes...a glassing room...More foam...Paddle boards for Lake Tahoe.....More foam...Then Ken twists my arm and makes me sit down in front of a computer....damm...This stuff is amazing...

....Now I'm eating Crow...

I came home with a Warvel short board 2  fish blanks and quite an education.....But wait , there's more!!!

Ha Ha !!!! 


high tech and low tech both have their place in this world

I still wax my surfboard anyway :slight_smile:

Very Humbling…


KEN IS A COOL GUY!!!   Reminds me, I gotta put in another big blank order!     Ken are you reading this?   I’ll be calling real soon…

Blane...whenever your ready!



Hi Ken.  Good to hear you on the bb.  Hope you’re doing well.

A couple of questions-  #1- can I get custom rocker cut into a blanks without the rest of the shaping?  Just a slab with custom rocker?

#2- can you do computer shapes with no stringer?

Jeff...yes & yes!