semi off topic, longboard carrier for bike

Ok, in the summer my main mode of transport is by bike, I can check the surf from my bed, so there is no point in driving the 75yards to the beach. it’s good and clean and it keeps me in shape and most importantly convient. The surfing beach is about 2 blocks from my house and Jersey’s summer surf being pretty small what better vehicle to ride than a nice heavily glassed 60’s longobard.

 Here's my problem. carrying a 20lb board under your arm while procariously riding down the street and coming out of my drive way is not a good idea for me or the board. I hink riding with one of those out rigger devices would tip the bike so does anyone have plans for a bike trailer for their longboard?

I will try to post sketches of my idea tommorow or monday if time permits.

I’ve seen bike trailers around town here for longboards. whatever works for you. I’d check out bike trailer on a google search and go with a modification of one of those plans. But, 2 blocks doesn’t seem that far to just walk. I jog (or walk if I’m dragging) about 3/4 mile to the breaks I usually surf at. It’s a good warmup. That’s with log or shortboard.


This is my solution.;search_string=retired44;#218167

The wheels are the most expensive part. They can be found at The rest is made of aluminum tubing and angle. The board that is on the trailer is 10’ 4’’ and weighs about 26 lbs.

oh it’s not the fact that it’s two blocks it’s the fact that i am going on my lunch break which is another one block away and i want the most water time possible. And if i want to surf the other end of town it’s a big of a walk.

amd retired, that is exactly what i am after

fair nuff. I actually tried riding my bike down a few mornings for before work sessions to save time. Problem was, on the way back my fingers got so numb from the wind after being numb in the water that I couldn’t get my suit off. There I was, standing in front of the house, people walking their dogs right past, jumping up and down helplessly trying to get my legs out of the suit. Didn’t mean to come off the wrong way in the last post, just that I usually end up saving time by running. But, to get back on topic: I saw a pretty cool board trailer today made out of an old windsurfing boom attached to a milk crate. The milk crate had an axle going right through it with the wheels attached. Very simple, but looked like it’s gotten a lot of use. One of my housemates want’s to make something like it, as her longboard is 22" wide, and she’s just a little over 5’ tall and has trouble carying it the whole way.

good luck. that surfboard trailer thread looked great. let us know what you end up going with.


Aloha riderofwaves

Check out

Look for the longboard version ($100.00) if you are using huge boards. Otherwise the shortboard model ($90.00) will work fine.

We have them in stock here at my shop so if you can’t find any locally let me know and I will shoot one over to you. This is the best surfboard bike rack hands down.

I live here in San CLemente and trestles is 4.5 miles from my house. tstreet is .5 miles and San Onofre is 5.3

Me and my girl both have the Carver longboard models and they work fine. I hump a 10’0 @24"wide to SanO and back in the summer. Plus, I can throw my 14’ paddleboard on there for the run down the hill to the pier. (but theyre not really made for that)

Ive never dumped it over. It doesnt make it tippy. It comes with a rack off the back, so you can ziptie a milk crate to it for suits/fins.

I really recommend the carver racks. Theyre just sooooooo solid. Plus, you can just leave the bottom of the arms at home when not using them.

That being said, Im in the design stages for a trailer for my padleboards and SUP’s Im making right now. Dana Harbor is 6.4 miles away and good for flatwater paddling

(Iswear Im not a big dork. My girl is a marathoner and has all the distances around town down)

I’ve been looking at those for the past month and am about to go get one for summer. I assume the longboard one can still accept shortboards? I want to be able to carry everythign from a 6’ fish to a 10’2" longboard and soon a bigger board too.

ya, they’ll pretty much carry anything. I take my 5’10 to trestles and back

Oh, no Pat, i understood what you were saying but and I normally do just carrying it and walk but when i have a 45 minute lunch break, I want to be on the water for 30minutes, not 20, like i was on my skateboard. Thanks Bill for that link, but my driveway makes a pretty steep angle to the street, not to mention a bit of a hiccup going across the side walk, and a rack like thge one you have would probably cause the tail to hit. I am going to go with the trailer type system. Thanks to everyone who posted.

I’ve found this: