Shapaholic fish alert

I know a lot of you been talking about it,now’s your chance

" I have a new fish surfboard here that I designed & shaped. It comes w leash plug, FUTURES Fin boxes & key. F8 synthetic quad fins included!!

Specs of board: wide point forward center 3", low rocker; 3 3/4" nose; 1 3/4" tail, concave vee through the fins, I boosted the tail kick behind the front fins to increase maneuverability." ($550)

Good for him!      I hope he makes a score.     It’s way better looking than most of what you see on Craigslist.


I wonder how it will sell! 

Ill be keeping an eye on this one. Selling a board you made is a great feeling.


Thanks - Bill. Yeah, it sucks I have to sell it as I am buying a truck and am short five hund… darn, anyone ever hear of privacy?

probably the most honest, unadorned and uninflated craigslist ad I’ve seen -

wish you the best with it, shapaholic!

I always like the craigslist ads that read" I need to thin out the quiver. This board rips hate to sell but need the cash.   Then there are the ads that say something like bought this board 5 years ago for a $1000.00 and only used 5 times. asking 800 OBO.   

 Shapaholic hope she sells. 

Artz - you just had me roflmao! Yeah, I hate to sell it, but I lost my van last winter - which has made my mobility
Terrible. I got a date w gf, I got another blank to shape … I need to pick up supplies as I plan to glass my next build…anyway, I might knock the price down if my buyer is short a few bucks.

Guy’s - thanks for the kind words. It is giving me drive to forge on.

Tip for the day: use a soft weight to steady your blank while shaping. I’m using a hard rubber sanding block I got from -John Mellor…He says it the rubber they use on floors of horse stalls. It’s about 14"- 15" wide and has weight behind it…but it works perfect w rubber side on blank to keep my board steady whilst shaping. I think it’s got 40 grit on it so I sand w it, and follow w hard 11"x4" block. My final clean up block is da " gator pad " ; a flexible drywall sanding sponge I found at ace hardware. It’s my ’ go to ’ tool for finishing touches.

Tip two: hold your tools firmly, or set them down when you need a break. Believe it or not, the wind blew my sanding block right out of my hand whilst shaping outside.

Tip 3: use a old blanket to transport blanks, Finished board etc…it’ll protect it - trust me. You’ll thank me if you ever gouge the cr*p out of your perfect shaped blank.- Jim

On a related note:

haha, or not

Wow, I’m impressed with the level of restraint 

On a related note:…

  Well, it seems I charged Bird too little, for the Gun I made for him.    I’m raising my price to  $3 million, for the next one!

3d fin printing is expensive.

Well, my pro glasser says his twin & tri setups w Futures is the best deal! So I can lower my prices to 450 million & 475 million.;/

and we know the art crowd is all

“He makes surfboards like nobody else can”

“hes a lgened and industry pioneer, nobody can do it like he does” 

Kirk describes how i feel about this one



Apparently, Jean Luc Picard does, too.

Too bad they don’t allow for reader comments. Really…