Shape3D Shapes?

Hi. I’m playing around with the Shape3D demo software. The samples provided are boring, anyone here who’s got any nice shapes or know of a site that has, just to see how it can be done. regards X

I played with that software for a while, and it seems pointless. It’s not compatable with any machines. I don’t know who it can benefit.

if words with 3 d machines… cobra have one… at least 3 aussie foam mowers get one soon

I don’t think there are any in Hawaii.

That’s JC Hawaii’s machine (John Carpers).

I don’t know much about surfboards but something about 3D and CAM milling. every computer router can cut out a surfboard…only some can do endmilling. If you have a 3 axis PC mill (something loads of people built themselfs) it just takes more time to cut out a board. Highend 5 or more axis machines that can change tools and rotate the tool are faster and some can even put out a ready to glass board. … But I guess the original question was about shape3d only… Shape3D is a stupid app IMHO…it lets you built a board and export the cutting path in DXF format to CNC machine…thats it…you can’t export the 3D model. If you know what you want to shape you can built a 3D modell in any program… like Rhinoceros3D which is awsome for CAM apps. It works with splines and lets you save in loads of formats…including IGES,STEP and SLT which are used for Stereolitho and other types of rapid prototyping. And…you can render the files…animate the models…analyze volume, lenght, curves…print 2D Plans and so on… but…what are you going to do with the ready board in shape3D when you don’t have a CNC machine?

I agree what’s the use? All the time spent designing the board, and you don’t really know if works. Better to have a proven “working model” to digitize from. Shape 3D doesn’t have digitizing capabilities. I have seen a shaping machine that runs 800 inches a minute and runs 18K RPMs spindles. It has end milling capabilities. The guys even designed and fabricated the fixturing on the same machine with the same programs they run to shape boards on. Kinda weird the machine has the capabilities to make itself. Boards look insane though.

HDX uses shape 3D with our machine without ANY problems.

well, I tought I’d export it but forgot to check if it could be done… I’m just looking for a easy way to design my boards on the computer. If anyone is working with some other 3D software, and have a couple of samples of how it’s done, let me know. x

shape3D is somewhat bundeled with a CNC machine and you can have the software customized to put out any file format… They are trying to sell there machines. but for you there is no use to use it… Try Rhinoceros3D. There is a limited Version for download…(it lets you save 25times I think). You can learn really fast on tutorials and have 2D templates printed to any size. It’s a full blown 3D modelling app but more intuitive than AutoCad or FormZ. There are tutorials included and you learn really fast. Yesterday I built a modell from a modellairplane I am going to use in a simulator… took me only half an hour. I built kajaks and have my stations printed from Rhino. Here are some examples I did during the last year. If you still want to use a routing machine you can export the 3D modell…there are even loads of CNC Plugins that will let you use Rhino with a CNC-router without any other software.